Hillary’s Email Server Is Not Wiped: “FBI”! Go For It!

So I assume Hillary right now is in a much bigger panic mode then she was before. She will have that extra double shot of booze. Her lawyers have been trying all these different stunts such as going to the courts and claiming that she had the right to delete her personal emails. Of course she has that right but the problem as we know is that she selected the ones that should be deleted, them being mixed in with official government business on her personal server. We all know which ones she didn’t want We The People to see, the ones marked Benghazi, them being the ones that had all the information on them as too the reasons we were there and the reason she had a top notch Ambassador Christopher Stevens sent to such a hell hole like Benghazi in the first place.

The following was broken by the Washington Post, posted by Marcus Gilmer, published by Mashable News: “A spokesperson for the Denver-based company Platte River Networks, which has managed Clinton’s system since 2013, told the Post, “Platte River has no knowledge of the server being wiped. All the information we have is that the server wasn’t wiped.”

“Deleting emails from a device is not the same as wiping a server. Deleted emails can sometimes be recovered if the email server not been “wiped,” a process PC Magazine defines as “a security measure when selling, giving away or retiring a computer. A file wipe completely erases the data from the hard disk.”

There are many who say that Hillary is going to be allowed to get away with this crime. Here’s the point, the FBI has their job to do as professionals and the more revelations that come out such as this to We The People they or any other agency will be hard pressed to pursue the investigation. I truly believe Hillary’s days are numbered in any political or federal capacity. She has been getting away with these lies and evil doings of hers ever since she was on the Committee to Impeach President Richard Nixon where she got fired for lying and bad ethics against a president. You would have thought she learned from that episode which she hasn’t. It’s time for Hillary Clinton to start her new career in prison and it surly doesn’t say much about the Democrat Party if this is the best candidate they can muster.

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