The Main Stream Media Is Covering Up The Obama Story

Have you ever stopped to think to yourself how much America has changed since Obama has been president and I don’t mean to the good; I mean our basic values as a country; I mean our military might; I mean the respect we have lost throughout the world; I mean the unheard of thing of a president of the United States apologizing for America to the world; I mean these are the things Obama had set out to do with his transformation of America.

For the people who do not believe and will never accept that America is under attack from within are highly mistaken. It has happened to all the super civilization’s of the world so what makes you think it cannot happen to America? All you need is a corrupt media and someone paying off the media such as George Soros and a stooge with a socialist ideology such as Obama’s to bring our country down. Obama didn’t have money on the way up but he had the powers to finance him to where he is today.

The following was posted by Lawrence Sellin, published by Western Journalism: “Although considered the equivalent of blasphemy by the political-media establishment, sending them into fits of rage or a case of the vapors, it is no stretch of the imagination to mention – and history may prove – that the policies of the Obama administration could reflect his own proclivities, those being in particular Marxism and Islam. At this point, one can only speculate as to what might be driving the administration’s aggressive lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender agenda, especially in regard to the military.”

“I would like to know, for example: was American communist Frank Marshall Davis Obama’s real father; did Obama attend Occidental College as an Indonesian foreign exchange student; did he not register for Selective Service in 1980; did Middle East money facilitate and fund Obama’s graduate education; what is his real Social Security number; why claim a computer-generated forgery as a genuine birth certificate; did Nancy Pelosi create two Certifications of Nomination in 2008,compared to the 2000 and 2004 documents to disguise Obama’s ineligibility for the Presidency; and what is the extent of Republican complicity in an alleged cover-up ?”

The only reason there is no investigation into the obvious is because they are all in it together. Because you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure what we have here. You have a media ever since Obama declared as a presidential candidate in 2007 that he was going to transform America to the fact no one from the media asked him what he meant by that because they already knew how he was going to transform America and that was the cover-up to keep under wraps that Obama was and is to this day a fraudulent and treasonous president who has put America under attack from within and We The People must wake up to this situation otherwise we will lose our beloved country to the socialists who have taken over the White House.


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