Hillary Is Approaching The Word She Has Been “Lying” To Stay Away From ( Criminal)

Do you recall the day We The People were told with such cockiness from the Hillary Clinton people that 30 thousand of Hillary’s private emails were erased from her private server which followed a series of pieces of how Hillary even destroyed her private server that had government emails on it that was stored in her house. There is much more after that but I really believe at that early stage Hillary thought she had the American people over the barrel with her lies. I really believe Hillary and her staff really thought they were home free, that they really thought the emails were erased, but someone screwed up, things began to happen, the FBI got involved and it is starting to be analyzed from the FBI that maybe close to 100 percent of all her emails will be saved. How about that Hillary, how is that word criminal starting to look? I see sweat Hillary.

Today there was a breaking story that the FBI has seized four State Department computer servers to see how classified information was compromised on Hillary Clinton’s private email server system. Just think of the dynamics of this, “The FBI Seized” from the State Department, they went in there and took them. This my friends is real bad for Hillary.

The following was posted by Bill Gerts, published by Fox News: “The four servers, which were located at the State Department’s headquarters building, were seized by the FBI several weeks ago. They are being checked by technical forensic analysts charged with determining how Top Secret material was sent to Clinton’s private email by State Department aides during her tenure as secretary from 2009 to 2013, said two people familiar with the probe. The people spoke on condition of anonymity because it is an ongoing investigation.”

The drip, drip, drip just continues to that word “criminal.” As we know by now the company by the name of Platt River Networks held on to Hillary’s server for over two years before it was given to the FBI. Now we have found out that there were some employees working for Platt River who were overcome with suspicion of what was asked of them.

The following was posted by Laura Koran and Evan Perez, published by CNN Political News: “Then this past August, a Platte River Networks employee wrote to a coworker that he was, “Starting to think this whole thing really is covering up some shaddy (sic) s**t.”

“I just think if we have it in writing that they told us to cut the backups, and that we can go public with our statement saying we have backups since day one, then we were told to trim to 30days (sic), it would make us look a WHOLE LOT better,” the unnamed employee continued.”

“The email was sent shortly after news emerged that the FBI was looking into the security of the server, and several months after it was revealed that Clinton exclusively used the private account to conduct State Department business.”

This is so bad, it will not do any good for Hillary to use that old stale story to blame the Republicans for her handling of her emails. The Republicans naturally do not have anything to do with Hillary hiding information about Benghazi and for this employee from Platt River saying they were asked to delete anything over 30 days old after the FBI got involved you can’t blame the employee wanting the request in writing. Yes Hillary, you cant blame the Republicans for your actions in regard to trying to destroy your emails because you didn’t want We The People to find out about your lies on Benghazi where you did not protect four Americans from being killed. Hillary better pray that not any kind of this information is on any of those emails, because the game will be over for Hillary.

Here’s what makes it sweet. There was also news that Platt River used a cloud for Hillary’s server. A “cloud” in their terminology is Platt River sending the information from the server to another security identity to make sure 100 percent of the emails were safe. This now means all of Hillary’s emails will be saved and the FBI will have the whole lot. Yes Hillary, that word “criminal” is getting so much closer.

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