The First Democrat Presidential Debate The Five Socialist Candidates Explained To We The People How They Would Bankrupt The United States

If you wanted to see socialism at it’s best and a professional liar in the person of Hillary Clinton there they were, on stage that resembled something of a freak show. Here you had Bernie Sanders on the heals of Hillary in New Hampshire and Iowa and what does he do he throws away his ace card by telling the audience that he feels that most Americans are sick of the Hillary email scandals and the country should move on too more important matters and naturally upon hearing that Hillary thanked Sanders profusely and commenced her famous witch laugh. Hillary herself said in one spot that she didn’t want to talk about her emails considering again using the same theme as Sanders there are so many more important matters she can devout her time too for the American people. Let me remind Hillary and Sanders about the fact they were playing to a liberal left-wing audience and maybe they don’t want to hear of the criminal actions of Hillary as to how she handled her emails and private server but the latest poll numbers show that over 60% of the American people want the investigation into Hillary’s emails to continue. So naturally another reason that Hillary is keeping tight lipped on her emails is because of the fact the constant drip, drip, drip of emails have not stopped coming out yet and there’s no telling what is still in those unread emails. She’s the one who knows what’s there and all she can do is pray that there are no surprises.

We all know, us people who study the economy, America is carrying an unsustainable debt. I believe that it’s somewhere around $17 trillion and it’s been said by many that if it reaches $22 trillion there will be an economic crash. This rising debt is killing our economy and worst of all it is keeping our military from being not only a world power but it’s becoming weak where countries such as Russia no longer take our military serious and of course you know what that does for We The Peoples protection. So where I am naturally going with this is that there is no longer any room for free stuff, but every time the liberals propose something it’s something free to get votes and it has come to a head that it is out of the picture, unaffordable.

Keeping this in mind I will make a list of freebies that came out of the debate:

1. In-State Tuition for illegals

2. Paid family leave

3. Health care for children

4. Public College

5. Childhood Education

6. Higher Minimum Wage

7. Obama Care Subsides for Illegals

8. Expanded Social Security

9. Health Care

10. Expanded Medicare For All Americans

11. Prescription Drugs

Many times with my discussion with people the question comes up as to the fact these are educated people who are throwing these freebies around as though there is no tomorrow and our economy not having the money to pay for them so what is their point? The point my friends is this. As we can see socialism is finally coming out of the closet, you see we have a declared socialist candidate for president in Bernie Sanders, just ten years ago it would have been unheard of that a socialist would run for president. You have Obama who’s a socialist who acts like he’s still in the closet but he’s not fooling anyone anymore. The point is that these socialist’s throw all these freebies around to get the vote and before you know it you have a socialist society but this helping the people is a con because once a county turns to socialism a ruling class is established and that is called Marxism. This is what these socialists are doing to our country, it’s a slow process but eventually they want to be the ruling class, in other words full control over We The People. This is why we must not put another liberal (socialist) in the presidency. The United States of America cannot endure economically or militarily another socialist for the survival of America. The people of the radical 60’s such as Obama, Kerry, Holder, Hillary, Jarrett have infiltrated our government. What they couldn’t do in the streets back in the 60’s they are attempting to do it within our government. We The People must stop this now, there is a revolution going on right now in the House of Representatives, that’s why the Republicans are looking for the right speaker. What we need now is a conservative for president to make sure this Marxist cancer stops in it’s track.

I have my conservative candidate but I will support any conservative that wins the primaries, lets not get hung up on my person didn’t win. We The People must win the big prize, a conservative president in the White House and let’s not get hung up he or she is not conservative enough. We need to take our country back.

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