Emails Found Between Obama And Hillary: We Knew It Would Come To This, Obama Will Exert Executive Privilege

You can’t look any guiltier than this, Obama has been served notice that they have found emails between him and that other criminal Hillary and it has come down to what I am sure most of We The People have thought and have been saying, Obama is going to exert executive privilege. Now lets just think, why would he want to do that? Is it because everyone will finally find out what Obama was doing the night of the Benghazi attack, is it because we will finally find out who’s actual idea was it to use the lie of the YouTube Video, is it because we will find out who gave the order not to defend Benghazi and allow four Americans to die, is it because Obama and Hillary would talk about the guns that were being shipped out of Benghazi, is it because Obama’s and Hillary’s schemes are falling apart at the seams and their whole package of lies will be exposed to We The People?

The following was posted by “Before It’s News”, “Yesterday, the State Department released the largest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails to date.”

“We pored over the thousands of emails well into the night and found one that absolutely has to be the smoking gun.”

“While using her private unsecured email, Hillary Clinton received a classified memo of Muammar Qaddafi’s location. Here we have an intelligence memo detailing the location of a Libyan dictator on the run and Hillary didn’t even bother to secure it.” Felony.”

“But the biggest news from yesterday’s email release is that the Obama administration is blocking the release of dozens of emails between the President and Mrs. Clinton. These are personal emails between the two of them and Obama is using executive privilege to stop you from seeing them!

“This is unacceptable! Tell Congress to STOP Obama from illegally classifying Hillary Clinton’s emails and keeping them secret!”

We The People cannot allow this to happen. The Marxist News Media have made a mockery of the Justice System of the United States of America. You have Hillary of which it has been proven that she lied to the American people over and over again and the media is protecting this criminal as though she has done nothing wrong and now Obama has jumped into the act of hiding the emails between him and Hillary because he knows what’s there, he knows what’s coming, he knows it’s prison time for the both of them.

Believe me when I say this, if there is one thing the Congress is petrified of is a rallying call from We The People with millions of emails and phone calls to each congress-person’s headquarters. Believe me when I say this, it will work, it must work, we cannot allow these two people to get away with this especially Obama who has sold out America to the wolves and Hillary who is making fun of the Justice system just by running for the presidency is laughing at us. Spread this around and lets start those emails and phone calls and you will see how fast the Congress moves to prosecute these two disgraceful people.

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