House Speaker Paul Ryan Has Backstabbed We The People For Passing A $1.1 Trillion, Over 2,000 Page Omnibus Bill Funds

For the people who thought there would be some kind of improvement because Rep. Paul Ryan was elected as House Speaker will have another thing coming. I did not want Ryan as Speaker and I had said so. I remember one time he said “we have to start winning elections before we can change anything.” Really now, so you just got yourself elected to the House but you can’t do anything because you are not in the majority, when you made that statement the Senate was still under Democrat control. You are in the majority now Ryan, House and Senate but you are still giving the ship away. It’s amazing that these Republican intellectuals get to have power and the first thing they do is start appeasing the socialists, has it ever occurred to the likes of Ryan when the hell do these socialists appease conservatives? How about never.

The following is what Ryan has handed over to Obama. This is Ryan whom the Congress were begging him to take the job as House Speaker.

(1) Ryan’s Omnibus Fully Funds DACA Paul Ryan’s bill funds entirely this 2012 executive amnesty for “Dreamers”—or illegal immigrants who came to the country as minors.

(2) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Sanctuary Cities

(3) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds All Refugee Programs

(4) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds All of the Mideast Immigration Programs That Have Been Exploited by Terrorists in Recent Years

(5) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Illegal Alien Resettlement

(6) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds the Release of Criminal Aliens

7) Ryan’s Omnibus Quadruples H-2B Foreign Worker Visas

(8) Ryan’s Omnibus Funds Tax Credits for Illegal Aliens

(9) Ryan’s Omnibus Locks-In Huge Spending Increases

(10) Ryan’s Omnibus Fails to Allocate Funds to Complete the 700-Mile Double-Layer Border Fence That Congress Promised the American People

The above is a joke and if it’s not a joke it will continue to bring the United States to financial ruining. Who’s going to pay for all this obviously it’s you and me. But here is where the problem is and that is there are not enough of us in the workforce anymore to feed the Treasury to be able to finance the above monster.

We must also remember and maybe these clowns in the Congress should be reminded of these things from time to time and that is Ryan co-sponsored a bill with a Democrat to cut pensions for the military, which means our veteran’s. I will continue to ask why the Republicans for the life of me wanted this backstabber for House Speaker. Well they got him and it just seems us Conservatives do not have a sunny day in Washington but the clouds will eventually clear.

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