Socialism Is Becoming The In Thing Especially Among The Young.

I never even imagined during my lifetime that there would be a declared socialist running for president of the United States in Bernie Sanders. When I started stressing the fact of socialism back in 2008 when Obama was running for president the first time around I had tagged him a socialist. You could imagine the liberals how they fiercely attacked me for using that word It seemed to me that I and maybe just a few if you could find them at the time were openly stressing the fact that Obama was no capitalist. I tried to stress the fact that with the people Obama had associated himself with in his youth to his present they were not for the love of America them being socialists, communists, a nutty Rev. Wright and a terrorist that Obama had made themselves all available to him. We must not forget his mentor (also Hillary Clinton’s) Saul Alinsky. So when Obama came out with his he was going to transform America naturally he never said to what and how and the main stream socialist media allowed him to get away with it. Only Obama knew that he wanted to finish what presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt started.

The following was posted by Eric Rush, published by “In America, this monumentally imprudent acceptance of aspects of socialism has given rise to large numbers of mental defectives supporting the geriatric Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders for President of the United States; the conservative press references Sanders as a socialist, though his political views are more closely aligned with communism. The idea that even one American would consider this man as a viable candidate for the office of President would be laughable if he did not actually have significant numbers of people queued up to vote for him.”

“There are simply no counters to the moral and intellectual argument which irrevocably condemns socialism, and it is this: In the last century, socialism in its various forms was responsible for the murder of nearly half a billion people, and the persecution of millions more. Ultimately, socialist governments always wind up murdering millions of their own citizens outright; the only exceptions to this (thus far) are those nations that have, or until recently have had, ethnically homogeneous populations.”

I tend to think of a simplistic solution to the madness of our youth being sucked into the socialism mode and that is that our school system starting at a very young age must start incorporating the United States Constitution into their studies. Starting with just how our Forefathers sacrificed so much to give us the oldest living document that still exists in a free society that the liberals(socialists) have been chipping away at for many years right before our eyes. As the youngsters progress in grades through the years teach more deeply about the Constitution because as it stands now they wind up in the universities with socialist professors and it’s no comparing from being taught how good socialism is and not have the contrast of our Constitution and our capitalistic system and what happens a nut job like Bernie Sanders comes along and has a tremendous influence over them.

We must remember that while We The People are busy going about our daily lives these socialists are at work implementing all sorts of their own into our government which leads us to the mess we have today. We need to stop the bleeding, we need to clean house and we are not going to do it unless we all start paying more attention to what’s going on around us in the world of politics. Are you aware that the next president will probably be appointing three more Justices to the US Supreme Court! I will tell you this. If we do not vote in a conservative and allow a socialist to have this option what will happen to America as we know her? I really don’t have to tell you because you know.

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