Conservatism Is Alive And Well With Senator Ted Cruz A Winner In Iowa.

This is a victory for all us conservatives in the Republican Party. Naturally some of us are more conservative than others. This is a slap in the face at the Republican establishment who dares tell us how to vote. All I have been hearing for the last week from the Republican establishment is how Ted Cruz doesn’t get along with anybody in the Senate. I guess they didn’t like the idea that Cruz pulled a filibuster on the Senate floor to repeal Obama Care to fulfill a promise to the American people. They even went out of their way to bring out ex- Senator Bob Dole to say as much. As far as I’m concerned, the more these establishment Republicans said such things about Ted Cruz the more I knew he is the conservative to lead our nation since Ronald Reagan. They know that with a Cruz presidency they would have to start thinking conservatism instead of kissing up to the liberals.

I am writing this post to remind ourselves that our candidates are not the enemy. The enemy is the Democratic Party that booed God at their Democratic presidential convention. The enemy are for the time being Senator Bernie Sanders who admits he is a socialist, and Hillary Clinton that pretends she is not a socialist. I got that line from Ted Cruz by the way in his victory thank you speech to the Iowa voters. This is the party that wants to chip away at our Constitution until it no longer exists. This is the party that does not believe in the US Constitution but in a Marxist ruling class of putting different classes of people against each other.

Our Forefathers sacrificed their lives to give us this country and our Constitution that has been the envy of the world. They gave us a capitalistic free enterprise system that each person can use their God given talents to achieve the dream of their choice.

We need a conservative president to make sure we don’t give a socialist another four or eight years to the presidency. There are going to be battles on the way to the presidency among our fellow Republicans which is par for the course of winning the nomination but what we don’t want is for our candidates attacked so viciously where they will be crippled for the presidential election. I hope we all keep this in mind as we support our favorite candidates. I know and I truly believe that we will all support the final candidate in this process so we can defeat the Democrat Party that has become un-American and the only way we will do this is to not give up our principles to something that is not us. We will take our country back and I will support the Republican candidate that is nominated and I am sure all Republicans will feel the same way.


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