Rep. Darrell Issa Is Stressing The Fact That The FBI Will Have No Choice But To Recommend Indictment For Hillary Clinton

The popular consensus has been from my readers and posts that I have read is that the Justice Dept. no matter what criminal evidence they will have on Hillary Clinton the Justice Dept. will just sweep it under the carpet and I am sticking to my guns with the thought that Hillary has really screwed up this time, it will not be justified for the FBI, Justice Dept., or whatever other agency to close their eyes to this criminality.

The following was posted by Todd Beamond, published by Newsmax: “Rep. Darrell Issa said Wednesday that FBI Director James Comey has “no choice” but to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton in the email scandal.”

“The director is somebody who cares a great deal about national security — and with the body of evidence, he really has no choice but to refer this for indictment,” Issa, the California Republican and former chairman of the House Oversight Committee, told Fox Business host Trish Regan.”

“She made a choice to receive and retransmit documents that should have been classified when they came to her and later been classified.”

If the Justice Dept. even dares not to take the FBI’s advise the story will not end there. First of all there will be a revolution of sorts in the FBI, there will be constant leaks to We The People almost on a daily basis. It is assumed that the main stream media will allow this to go silent, unlike the time they teared into President Nixon and the impartial Congress at the time to cause him to resign. It seems to me that this socialist media of today want her to get away with this, putting our national security on the line by using an unsecured personal server. There is no reason whatsoever that Hillary had to use a personal server other than the fact of devious reasons such as getting rid of information at will that would incriminate her such as for instance Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation. What stands in the way of Hillary getting away with this if the Obama Justice Dept. does not follow through is We The People. If the FBI leaks this stuff out to We The People it will be the end of Hillary Clinton’s thinking that she will get away with yet another scandal. I will say to Hillary, not this time Hillary, you blew it big time.

2 comments on “Rep. Darrell Issa Is Stressing The Fact That The FBI Will Have No Choice But To Recommend Indictment For Hillary Clinton

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    The FBI can present the case for a prosecution, which would end up before a federal grand jury, in hope of a True Bill for indictment, but, there is nothing mandating that the USDOJ/Lynch, must prosecute. If, a prosecution is made, it could possibly be only a feeble mock. Then, if, a jury verdict is reached that is somewhat less than desirable for Hillary, Et Ano, a judge in the pocket, could throw out the jury verdict or, declare a mistrial, or declare the case moot, somewhere along the line. Nobody will revolt. There would be no revolution in the streets. Hillary would simply escape, once more in her lifetime. Afterall, there was no public outcry in Oregon to find which rifle firedthe bullet into LaVoy, nor to whom the rifle’s serial number was assigned to, and, in Hillary’s case, Travelgate, and, Vincent Foster. Complacency. The American people are too busy with a sweet teat, rather than screaming out for Justice. Laws are perverted for the elite, and Hillary, remains, above the Law.

  2. johnapappas says:

    That is to be seen. The FBI will not take this lightly and I really believe that there is just too much there to sweep it under. This is National Security that we are talking about with hackers out there just waiting to pick it up such as Russia and China.

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