No Sooner Than We The People Get A Break At The Gas Pumps Obama Wants A $10 Tax On Each Barrel Of Oil

So here we go, socialism is still well perpetrated in our society with this socialist president still calling the shots. Typical socialist, no sooner than the American people get a break at the pumps Obama wants to charge a $10 tax on each barrel of oil. Why doesn’t this Marxist just go away and allow the free market to do it’s thing. I tell you, this guy just smells something he can get his hands on to tax for his clean transport which I will call crap and I’m sure many of you will. First of all it’s the same old story. The price of oil is way down now because of OPEC and because the economy is depressed, people are not driving as much and this creates a large inventory which goes to the supply and demand formula. So what will happen when the supply and demand flips the other way, are these socialists going to get rid of the $10 tax? You already know the answer to that.

I heard on the radio today that the federal government already gets 44 cents to the gallon in gasoline tax and what this will do is add another 25 cents to the gallon by their calculations. Now House Speaker Paul Ryan has said that this request is dead on arrival if we want to believe it or not the way the Republicans have been kissing up to Obama.

The following was posted and published by Fox News: “The good news is this plan is little more than an election-year distraction. As this lame-duck president knows, it’s dead on arrival in Congress, because House Republicans are committed to affordable American energy and a strong U.S. economy,” Ryan said.”

“The White House claims the added cost of gasoline would incentivize the private sector to reduce the reliance on oil and to increase investment in clean energy technology.”

It’s the same old story with Obama and his cronies, naturally it would be the same talking points no matter which socialist would be talking about it. They want to reduce the reliance on oil. The United States has a plentiful supply of God given oil that if allowed to explore it we would not have to depend on Middle Eastern oil. I always said clean energy would be okay for a back-up but to deny the fact that we have all this natural resource and not be allowed to use it I would call it treasonous of any president that does not use it to it’s fullest possibility. But you see my friends, liberalism(socialism) is a mental disorder.

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