There Would Be No Words To Express My Disgust If Obama Does Not Attend Justice Antonin Scalia’s Funeral

This should not even be a discussion of the President of the United States to attend the funeral of a Supreme Court Justice, especially of Judge Antonin Scalia who was on the Supreme Court for thirty years. I am so tired of this child that is president who is constantly trying to prove some point to his opposition. Judge Scalia was an icon to conservatism and the Constitution who had the respect and love of many who agreed with him or not. This is the way Obama has governed for the last seven years, anyone who didn’t kiss up to him was just put aside with verbal attacks or just ignoring as in Judge Scalia’s funeral.

The following was posted by Robert Davi, published by Breitbart News: “I met Justice Scalia over the years at different events for the National Italian-American Foundation. He was a role model and inspiration. His life and towering achievements have a deep meaning to Americans. If you understood this, you would have to attend the funeral. Instead of speaking nice words, show what you believe in with your actions.”

“We all know, Leader Pelosi, that you and the President did not agree with Justice Scalia’s politics and his views on affirmative action and other things. However, Justice Scalia deserves to be shown respect. The country would like to see the President be above the partisan politics tearing our nation apart. Before the battle for appointing a new Justice gears up, do the right thing, Mr. President.”

I have to hold myself back from expressing anymore of my opinions of the disrespect that is constantly brewing from this shameless president who is constantly siding with his constituents and ignoring the other half of our country. I am very ashamed of Barack Obama. He has not done America well by a long shot.

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