The VA Whistle-Blowers Have Finally Been Vindicated

I am a veteran and there was at times I would give the VA medical center thought of future use if or when the time ever gave cause for that. What has come out the last few years of neglect by nurses and staff in the treatment of those veterans one would have cause to give it second thoughts as to why a veteran would want to enter their facilities. Whistle-blowers have already brought it to the attention of the Congress and the media that some of these hospitals had phony lists of which patients were being treated which was not the case. They even had a secret waiting list. This had a list of patients with long-delayed appointments.

The following was posted by Tori Richards, published by Fox Politics: “A top government watchdog on Thursday accused the central agency tasked with holding Veterans Affairs accountable of dropping the ball — by failing to properly investigate whistle-blower claims of secret wait lists at Shreveport, La., and Chicago hospitals where thousands of veterans languished up to 15 months without care.”

“Further, Special Counsel Carolyn Lerner said the VA’s Office of Inspector General even tried to “discredit the whistle-blowers” who brought the allegations by focusing on a narrow aspect of the case.”

“This is vindication for myself and other whistle-blowers who won’t back down when the VA tries to intimidate us,” Wilkes said. “The VA was after me but ran into someone who wouldn’t be bullied.”

This situation has never seized to amaze me. To do this to our veterans! This angers me greatly. These are people who risked their lives for their country and to have a place to go to for treatment that was designed by our Congress many years ago and to be treated in this matter is so uncalled for. I just don’t understand this at all. If the people in charge fell behind in treating these veteran patients why not be honest and say they fell behind and there could be deaths if help was not provided and you know what! There were deaths at the hands of these idiots.

I have much respect for the whistle-blowers because without them nothing would ever be exposed in any occupation. I feel bad for the harassment they must go through until like in this case the proper authorities are finally involved. Yes, thank God for whistle-blowers!


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