A Leading Islamic State-Allied Militant Stressed That The Brussels, Paris Terror Attacks Are Rehearsals For United States Attacks

It’s only a matter of time until the likeness of the attacks by ISIS In Paris, Brussels and their aim to advance throughout Europe will come to our doorsteps. The question is when. I have had the “what if” in my mind as of late. What if ISIS, or any of the other barbarian groups want to set up an earlier time table to attack our homeland. What if they rational the fact that they should do it before Obama leaves office because his replacement will not be the pushover that Obama is, there would be too much of a sympathy towards Muslims from Obama for an all out destructive attack whereas the next president would have 100% the best interest of the United States in his or hers response and it would be a suicide to even attempt it. Now one can say they believe in suicide anyway so it won’t matter but that’s where many people are wrong because these scumbag terrorists leaders are okay with suicide runs as long as someone else is wearing the vest. So now we get to the point that a top Jihadist claims Brussels, Paris are terror rehearsals for “Big” attack inside U.S.

The following was published by Breitbart Jerusalem: “Abu al-Ayna al-Ansari, a Salafist movement senior official in the Gaza Strip, made the claim in a pre-recorded, hour-long interview that aired in full on Sunday on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” the popular weekend talk radio program broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM in Philadelphia. Klein doubles as Breitbart’ssenior investigative reporter and Jerusalem bureau chief.”

“Klein asked Ansari whether IS maintains cells inside the U.S. and if the terrorist group is “planning anything in America.”

Ansari responded:”

“Aaron, the battle with America is a very long one, a very tough one, a very hard one. America has a black record with the mujahedeen, and this black record will not be purified but with blood, and lots of blood. Only blood will cleanse what America did to the mujahedeen. And I can confirm that our leadership made it very clear that what happened in Paris, what happened in Brussels was only a small rehearsal before the big thing that will happen in America.”

My friends here is some advise I read today I’d like to pass on to you.

“Be strong enough to stand alone, be yourself enough to stand apart, but be wise enough to stand together when the time comes.” I liked that as soon as I read it and this we must do as the time is coming from what I can see there is no way out, Obama has left us hanging out to dry.


The IRS Scandal Isn’t Over Yet And The Sixth Circuit Court Of Appeals Has Had Enough

Us patriots have not forgotten the Obama scandals and we are going to make sure Obama is not going to forget them either. All his scandals are bad but the worst of the worst is the IRS scandal of which the IRS went after conservative groups such as the Tea Party and any group with the word patriot in it. Now who can forget IRS Lois Lerner who admitted she despised Republicans and gave the green light to harass these different groups and delay their tax exempt tax requests that have been allowed too both Democrats and Republicans alike.

There are groups that have sued the IRS but it has been held up in the Sixth Circuit Court with delays because every time the plaintiffs have asked for documents the IRS has found reasons not to deliver them. Well if you think that this has become old news to us, the Sixth Circuit Court I would say in very plain language is pissed off of the delays and they want this case over with.

The following was posted by Jazz Shaw, published by Hot Air News: “In closing, we echo the district court’s observations about this case. The lawyers in the Department of Justice have a long and storied tradition of defending the nation’s interests and enforcing its laws—all of them, not just selective ones—in a manner worthy of the Department’s name. The conduct of the IRS’s attorneys in the district court falls outside that tradition. We expect that the IRS will do better going forward. And we order that the IRS comply with the district court’s discovery orders of April 1 and June 16, 2015—without redactions, and without further delay.”

“Fortunately, the court seems to have run out of patience and has ruled that the documents be produced along with all relevant records. I’m not sure how many more appeals the IRS has left before they finally have to come clean, but the end may be in sight.”

I have been saying all along with very much optimism of course that’s it’s the courts who will get Obama eventually the same way it’s the courts that got Nixon and Nixon compared to all the Obama shenanigans looked like a Holy Angel. Obama cannot and will not be allowed to get away with his Gestapo type antics in the United States of America. If Obama loves watching baseball games in Cuba as the world is on fire maybe that’s where we should send him at the end of his presidency, to a communist country because he sure as hell doesn’t belong with We The People.

Hillary Clinton is Shown On A New Video Of Her Acknowledging That It Is A Very Big Security Risk To Use Her Blackberry In Certain Countries Yet She Did So Anyway

Hillary is getting deeper in the mud with every new revelation that comes out and this time she is caught right on video claiming that it is of a very high security risk to use her Blackberry in various countries yet she did so anyway. She even went so far to say in this video that they were instructed to take out the batteries from these devices if they were to step foot in high risk counties that have been notorious for hacking.

The following was posted by Norvell Rose, published by Tea Party News: “As Fox News has just reported, “There’s a stunning new twist just a day after we learned then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used her unsecured Blackberry while traveling in Russia and China.” That twist to this already long-and-winding story about Clinton’s questionable email practices is an incriminating video that has emerged of Clinton acknowledging in 2014 that she could not use personal devices in those counties, due to the risk of being hacked.”

“Just hours before this stunning Clinton-in-her-own-words video was released on the Internet, TPNN reported on stunning new information uncovered by Judicial Watch showing that some of the nation’s leading intelligence experts did not trust the way the then-secretary of state and her top aides wanted to handle classified information on their Blackberries because of the potential risk to national security. However, it appears those devices were used anyway by Clinton and crew at the State Department.”

“Fox News’ Tantaros said this 2014 video posted on YouTube by Republicans contains clear evidence — in Hillary Clinton’s own words — that flies in the face of the flimsy defense offered by the woman who used to be the country’s chief diplomat and the candidate who now wants to become the country’s chief executive.”

This video brings on the fact that Hillary was playing with fire with our nations security. This is not a person who can be entrusted with the presidency of the United States who does not take serious that there are countries out there who are trying constantly to hack our most guarded national security secrets and yet there goes Hillary admitting right on video that she was instructed as such and she defied those instructions which once again all for the comfort of her convenience. This is not good, not only is she not of sound mind to be president but this is treason in the highest order. It’s as though she is daring the FBI and the Justice Department to do something about it. Well this time around maybe they will.

New Facts About A War With China And Russia From The Army Chief Of Staff: This News Will Trouble Many Americans

In my life time having a Commander-In-Chief not fulfilling his number one duty of keeping the United States safe was never questioned in my mind until Obama became the president. Military spending to this president is bothersome, it’s in the way of his social programs and even that’s very bad because his social programs applies only to some Americans while taking away from most Americans and our military. When there are countries out there that want to destroy us its not the time for budget cuts on the military. Considering there are countries out there that want to destroy us there should be more money going into the military if you and me want to continue going to bed and waking up each morning in the same matter that we have been use to.

The following was posted by Colleen Conley, published by Tea Party News: “After being ground down by years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, budget restraints and troop cuts, the United States military is not prepared to fight a “great-power war” against the nation’s most dangerous global adversaries, the Army’s top general warned Congress this week.”

“And while focused missions against smaller enemies like the Islamic State and other terrorist operations can be handled, full-scale combat with China, Russia, Iran or North Korea would leave the United States in a perilous position, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, according to DefenseNews.”

“Milley’s remarks come in the wake of Air Force Gen. John Hyten’s warning to the House Armed Services strategic forces subcommittee on Tuesday that Russia and China are developing the capability to shoot down U.S. military satellites with missiles, lasers, and spacecraft, according to the Washington Free Beacon.”

“According to Hyten, head of the Air Force Space Command, the threat foreign states pose to vital space facilities has now reached a dangerous point.”

This is so worrisome my friends because these satellites that the United States have in space are meant to guide our missiles for important strategic strikes wherever they are needed so of course the enemy wants to take them down. I would think that in any military budget there would be money thrown in there to combat anything Russia or China is doing to destroy our present satellite system or any future one for that matter.

Obama has like in so many other matters failed in his oath of office to defend the United States of America, We The People. This type of information that I have shared here should be shared to the American people by each one of the Republican candidates running for president because you know as well as I do the socialists such as Hillary and Bernie Sanders could give a crap about our defense that’s why they are socialists in the first place. Obama has allowed the enemy too close and such being the case, Obama is the enemy.

Hillary Clinton Said: “We’re Going To Put A Lot Of Coal Miners And Coal Companies Out Of Business”

It’s amazing how our coal industry is constantly under attack by the socialists. In 2008 in the presidential campaign Obama actually came right out and said that he was going to make it a lot harder for the coal industry with higher taxes and more regulations for the industry to survive.

Lets have a small refresher as to how good of a natural resource coal is and how good it’s for the U.S. economy. Coal is such an abundant domestic resource it provides an affordable and reliable source of electricity for American families, businesses and neighborhoods. High grade coal is also necessary for steel-making. America’s coal reserve exceeds that of any other country in the world. Coal is economical and cost efficient without government subsidies.

According to a study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, based on U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis data, America’s domestic coal mining industry was responsible for 154,000 direct jobs and over 400,000 indirect jobs in 2008.”

“Finally, coal and coal by-products are used in the production of numerous goods and materials we all use every day. In many respects, coal is the backbone of the American economy.”

Why would these socialists want to destroy this God given resource given to America? It seems by her own words that Hillary Clinton has been given the baton by Obama to carry out his destruction of the coal industry and it’s beholding on any candidate running against this socialist to talk up the coal industry. Some say that Hillary is saying this to keep on the left side to match a declared socialist in Bernie Sanders but I believe Hillary means every word of what she is saying being as Obama was a student of Saul Alinsky.

The following was posted by Jazz Shaw, published by Hot Air News: “I’m the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy as the key into coal country. Because we’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business, right Tim? ”

“If I weren’t already laughing so hard I’d be agreeing with Alex Griswold (at the link above) who asked what Clinton could possibly have been thinking. This is a classic Washington, DC gaffe, where a smidgen of truth slips out at an inopportune moment. It’s particularly brilliant as a GOP advertisement this fall because from her own lips we hear her say that she’s not just going to put the mining companies out of business, but the miners themselves.”

This is not funny for the miners who have suffered the last seven years from this socialist president of ours to have to hear it again from another candidate running for the presidency. This is insanity at it’s worst to want to get rid of one of our biggest resource the other being oil. The American people must come to grips that these socialists are out to ruin this great country of ours it being taking away our religions, our guns, our free speech our Constitution and not allowing us to produce coal and oil, two huge God given resources. It’s up to We The People, it’s now in our hands, the presidency is only a few months away. May God be with us to elect a conservative, a constitutionalist to continue the wishes of our Forefathers.

The Liberals (socialists) Are Taking The Phony Climate Change Issue To A Dangerous Level

This climate change phony issue is being taken to a dangerous level by the liberals (socialists). Bernie Sanders Democrat presidential candidate has made it easy for me to use the word socialist considering he is a declared socialist. I heard this a few weeks ago of the fact that it was rumored that there was to be a push to make climate change deniers a criminal offense but I took it to be some over exaggerated story that would just go away. Well it’s not going away. Yes my friends, they are trying to push this climate change on to companies as though they cant meet costs as it is with all the regulations.

The following was posted by KATIE, published by American Liberty PAC: “If you want to know how far leftwing environmentalists in the Obama administration are willing to go to push their climate change agenda, look no further than Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Evidently, the Department of Justice actually considered taking civil legal action against the fossil fuel industry for “denying” the “threat of carbon emissions” in regards to climate change:

“This matter has been discussed. We have received information about it and have referred it to the FBI to consider whether or not it meets the criteria for which we could take action on,” Lynch answered. “I’m not aware of a civil referral at this time.” This was an answer to a question put forward by Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.L.)

With our reading we have learned that there are just as many scientists that do not agree with the Climate change studies as there are for and Obama and his cronies want to perfect a phony science called Climate change that they changed its name from Global warming. This is all for more control over We The People and to force industry to comply with an unjustified science so as to give the government justification to tax these corporations on emissions used.

If you notice Lynch said that she will refer it to the FBI to see if they could take action. These people are so full of it from Obama down to his Attorney general. You don’t take it to the FBI to see about taking action you take it to the Congress to pass legislation on it. This is a plan by Obama to stick it to We The People before he leaves office when in fact we should be sticking it to him via impeachment.

The FBI Is Now Penetrating Our School Systems To Watch Our Kids

One of the biggest reasons a Trump or a Cruz is resonating with the American public is the fact of kitchen table items such as political correctness, and a dissatisfaction with government taking center stage. These dissatisfaction’s naturally are discussed at home and our children pick up on those conversations, either attentively or halfheartedly. Whatever the case may be some of this conversation will be carried to the school system if the student is concerned enough to discuss these conversations with their peers.

I find it very good for our country that a young student would be interested of some of the shortcomings of our country today such as not being able to say what one thinks without political correctness coming into the equation or the student starting to get concerned of the fact via conversations at home that We The People are losing some of our basic freedoms and by these students being concerned of this by talking about it in school, little do they know that they are about to lose another one of those freedoms and that is to express ones opinion. The FBI has instructed teachers to watch these types of students.

The following was posted by M. David, published by Counter Current News: “New federal guidelines have just been introduced across the country, and what they mandate is quite disturbing to civil libertarians. The FBI has now instructed high schools across the nation to report students who in any way criticize government policies and what the report phrases as “western corruption.”

“The FBI is interested in determining – as part of some warped “pre-crime” program – who might become potential future terrorists.”

“Lazare notes that the FBI cautions teachers to “avoid the appearance of discrimination,” in carrying out the order to spy on students and report them to the Bureau.”

“The agency identifies risk factors that are so broad and vague that virtually any young person could be deemed dangerous and worthy of surveillance, especially if she is socio-economically marginalized or politically outspoken,” she notes.”

Every-time you turn around the socialists are taking or attempting too take away more of our freedoms. Can you just imagine the fact that your child in the school system would be looked down as suspicious if he or she showed concerned that our country is moving away from our Constitution. Every parent you would think would want their child to be concerned of losing our liberties. I would suggest every parent out there to have the attitude of telling the FBI “go ahead make my day.”

Bryan Pagliano Is The Person Who Set Up Hillary Clinton’s Private Server And Email System: Has Been Given Immunity By The justice Department

This is now getting very deep and the people who are saying that Hillary Clinton will never be indicted I will say that it is getting very close to Hillary being indicted and maybe much more. I don’t blame people for thinking that way considering that for the last 45 years or so she has been getting away with all her crooked ways. I have been saying of late in my writings and you folks who have been reading that I felt that in regard to this email, private server case there is so much wrong doing by Hillary that the Justice Dept. will not be able to just sweep it under the rug.

So many people have been asking why would she even want to do such a thing? I believe the answer is so obvious to the fact that she wants full control of all communications on which ones to delete after she’s finished with them and that’s where the problem lies. She has been doing too many underhanded things it being Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, acceptance of donations from countries that have been hostile to women such as Saudi Arabia which does not look good for her being an advocate for women’s rights and what do these countries that have been giving donations to the Clinton Foundation, what are they expecting in return?

The following was posted by H.A Goodman, published by Huffington Post: “Only one person set up the server that circumvented U.S. government networks and this person is Bryan Pagliano. Not long ago, Pagliano pleaded the Fifth, so this new development speaks volumes. His immunity, at this point in Clinton’s campaign, spells trouble and could lead to an announcement in early May from the FBI about whether or not Clinton or her associates committed a crime. As stated in The New York Times, “Then the Justice Department will decide whether to file criminal charges and, if so, against whom.”

“However, only Bryan Pagliano can explain to the FBI why Clinton needed the server, it’s political utility, and most importantly, how the computer network was protected. Also, Pagliano can help with understanding the computer server’s connection to other Clinton projects like their foundation, or other activities.”

This is very serious for Hillary as any new chapter in her wrongdoings would be. There is speculation that there is even a Grand Jury in session mainly for the fact of giving this person immunity. My understanding is that May is the target date for this whole investigation to be concluded and it is owed to the American voters to know if in fact there will be criminal actions taken against Hillary Clinton. I believe Hillary’s 45 years of lying to the American people is about to come to an end.

You Trump People And Us Cruz People Have One Thing Very Much In Common

You Trump people and us Cruz people have very much one thing in common and that is the fact that the Republican establishment hates our guts. They want Trump and Cruz out of the picture and an all out assault is going on to do just that. I always said that if Cruz did not win I would vote for the last person standing. Who the hell do these people think they are that they would scheme to take away the will of the people to begin with.

Today on the Mark Levin radio show he said something that one of the few times I did not agree with him and that is the fact that this was not a movement. He stressed the fact that of all the people who voted thus far in the primaries Trump has only one third of the vote compared of two thirds of the vote for the rest of the Republicans which proves that there is not a so called movement for Trump. That’s all well and good as far as the numbers go but he failed to mention the fact that the total number of Republicans that are voting are record breaking and that proves to me that even though the other candidates combined are getting more than Trump just by them coming out in record numbers proves that it is a movement and the movement is the fact that the Republicans are pissed off at the Republican establishment. Establishment Republicans have been dropping out and the two main vote getter’s are two insurgents Trump and Cruz.

The Republican Party is going crazy and now it has become obvious that they have chosen Marco Rubio as their establishment candidate. Right now the polls show that Rubio is losing Florida his home state and you and I know if that happens it will be history for Rubio. I believe he has been down by as many as twenty points so if Rubio makes up all that ground you know that the establishment would have poured money in Rubio’s campaign and the way they would do this without open involvement would be done by the so called Super PACS. This will be very interesting indeed.

Mitt Romney the 2012 Republican presidential candidate decided to make a speech on the Republican presidential election. I am sure he is very concerned as to the fact that Trump and Cruz the two insurgents are ahead in the polls. I believe I have figured out what has transpired with Romney. Do you recall when the primaries were ready to commence Romney was teasing of the fact that he might give another try for running for president? Well I remember him and Jeb Bush got together for a meeting and a little while after that meeting Bush declared his candidacy and Romney said definitely that he was not running. I believe Bush talked Romney out of running and Bush became the so called establishment candidate that would become the Republican nominee. As we saw it did not happen that way and now we heard from Mitt with a vicious attack on Donald Trump and one must ask where was this Romney when he ran for president against Obama. This is getting better by the day.

So for us Trump and Cruz voters I will say that the war is on. The Republican establishment is out to deny us our day if in fact one of us is heading to the top. The good thing about all this is everyday I hear on the news that the establishment is out to stop us and the more the American people hear this the more pissed off they get at the establishment and the more they will come out to vote in record numbers. All I can say is good luck to both of us, one of us will win and the establishment will have to answer to us come January 2017.

The United States Has Now Hit A Period Of 10 Straight Years Without 3% Growth In GDP

What is “Gross Domestic Product- GDP

Gross domestic product (GDP) is the monetary value of all finished goods and services produced within a country’s borders in a specific time period. Although GDP is usually calculated on an annual basis, it can be calculated on a quarterly basis as well. GDP includes all private and public consumption, government outlays, investments and exports minus imports that occur within a defined territory. Put simply, GDP is a broad measurement of a nations overall economic activities.

The longest consecutive stretch of years in which the United State saw real GDP grow by 3.0 percent or better was the seven year period from 1983-1989, during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. It actually went to 4.9% after the recession. This is not hard to figure out as to how president Reagan took us out of the Carter years demise. He lowered burdensome regulations and lowered taxes. I remember of the battle he had with Congress about lowering the payroll and Corp taxes and when it has been said that House Speaker Tip O’Neill and President Reagan got along so well, well they didn’t get along on the tax issue, O’Neil thought it was a big joke until president Reagan went straight to the American people and the phone calls and letters started flowing to the Congress and Reagan’s tax bills were passed and the United States Treasury started overflowing with money because people were working again which meant tax revenue. This is why if Americans only knew the power they have right in front of them and even more so today with the email system.

For the GDP to have gone 10 straight years of never reaching 3% which is nothing to be proud of in the first place its no wonder there are almost 100 million Americans who have stopped looking for work. It is no wonder there is no production in Americas factories. The problem is that Obama knows what it takes to stimulate the economy and that is to make it easier for the small business person to hire and expand and that’s by lessening burdensome regulations and lowering the corp. tax rate and Obama will have nothing to do with it. That my friends is socialist ideology and this is why there has never been a socialistic economy that has prospered.