Hillary Clinton is Shown On A New Video Of Her Acknowledging That It Is A Very Big Security Risk To Use Her Blackberry In Certain Countries Yet She Did So Anyway

Hillary is getting deeper in the mud with every new revelation that comes out and this time she is caught right on video claiming that it is of a very high security risk to use her Blackberry in various countries yet she did so anyway. She even went so far to say in this video that they were instructed to take out the batteries from these devices if they were to step foot in high risk counties that have been notorious for hacking.

The following was posted by Norvell Rose, published by Tea Party News: “As Fox News has just reported, “There’s a stunning new twist just a day after we learned then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used her unsecured Blackberry while traveling in Russia and China.” That twist to this already long-and-winding story about Clinton’s questionable email practices is an incriminating video that has emerged of Clinton acknowledging in 2014 that she could not use personal devices in those counties, due to the risk of being hacked.”

“Just hours before this stunning Clinton-in-her-own-words video was released on the Internet, TPNN reported on stunning new information uncovered by Judicial Watch showing that some of the nation’s leading intelligence experts did not trust the way the then-secretary of state and her top aides wanted to handle classified information on their Blackberries because of the potential risk to national security. However, it appears those devices were used anyway by Clinton and crew at the State Department.”

“Fox News’ Tantaros said this 2014 video posted on YouTube by Republicans contains clear evidence — in Hillary Clinton’s own words — that flies in the face of the flimsy defense offered by the woman who used to be the country’s chief diplomat and the candidate who now wants to become the country’s chief executive.”

This video brings on the fact that Hillary was playing with fire with our nations security. This is not a person who can be entrusted with the presidency of the United States who does not take serious that there are countries out there who are trying constantly to hack our most guarded national security secrets and yet there goes Hillary admitting right on video that she was instructed as such and she defied those instructions which once again all for the comfort of her convenience. This is not good, not only is she not of sound mind to be president but this is treason in the highest order. It’s as though she is daring the FBI and the Justice Department to do something about it. Well this time around maybe they will.

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