The IRS Encourages Illegal Immigrants To Commit Tax Fraud: Believe It!

Every year We The People have to get our records in order to be able to send the tax returns this year being Monday April 18th. Some of us do them ourselves and I’m sure that most of us hire an accountant to do them it being all the new regulations that come out every year. This is just my guess, I don’t have numbers for it. I would say because of all the new regulations it would be to everybody’s interest to hire a professional. On top of this the General Accounting Office in their latest report has stated that the IRS still cannot guarantee us that they are keeping our tax data safe. There are identity thief’s out there that are just dying to key into our tax returns. So on top of all this you have IRS Commissioner John Koskinen encouraging illegal immigrants to use phony social security numbers and commit tax fraud.

The following was posted by Matt Vespa, published by Hot Air News: “Koskinen on Tuesday told Scott’s committee that the agency does not take action when tax returns are submitted using fraudulent personal information. “It’s not the normal identity theft situation,” Koskinen said, adding that it helps the government to collect more revenue.”

“Koskinen held firm, saying his agency’s main goal is to maximize revenue, not to enforce the law. “The tax code is set up, and our obligation, everybody who is earning money has an obligation to pay taxes, and we do everything we can to make sure they pay those taxes,” he said. “To the extent that to get the employment, they’ve borrowed or somehow gotten a Social Security number, that’s not a jurisdiction we have.”

Is this insanity or not! The IRS is increasing tax revenue by immigrants using phony social security numbers. He actually thinks it’s great. That’s the worst part of it. He’s increasing tax revenue for the US Treasury from illegal immigrants that are breaking the law. The way you increase revenue is cut the corp. tax that is the highest in the world and repeal Obama Care that has put an unfair burden on the small business person and family’s throughout the United States plus any number of other ways that would be another subject for another day.

Who would have thought that the United States of America would come to this, that we have to rely on illegals breaking the tax laws to help fill the Treasury. Naturally the IRS Commissioner doesn’t talk about the fact that these illegals with their fraudulent social security numbers are taking away jobs from Americans. The American people should have these jobs and get rid of this nonsense. This IRS Commissioner is another one that should be impeached in the Obama Administration. Obama and his cronies are all Gestapo not worthy of having We The Peoples trust.

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