State Department Inspector General Comes Down Hard On Hillary Clinton’s Use Of A Private Server: Hillary Should Drop Out Of The Presidential Race Now Rather Than Be Forced To Later

The General Inspector within the State Department is an independent watch dog that shows no partiality in any investigation who is appointed by the president. What makes this report significant is the fact that these insinuations on Hillary’s private server and emails are no longer just assumptions as to the seriousness of her negligence, they are serious and they are real and it is just a prelude to the FBI report. We The Peoples worst fears have been recognized from this report. What will be left when all the smoke is cleared will be what was her motive to have gone through all this on her part. The motive I feel is all control. Hillary has to be in control of what goes out of the system and why would she need this control? The fact of her misuse of her power within the Clinton Foundation and her constant lying about Benghazi.

The following was published by Fox News: “The State Department watchdog, in an extensive and detailed report, accused Hillary Clinton of flouting federal records rules and cybersecurity guidelines with her exclusive use of personal email for government business while secretary of state.”

“But the report singles out Clinton’s failures as more serious. The report includes numerous revelations, including that her server was at one point “attacked,” that Clinton declined to be interviewed for the audit and that Clinton never sought approval to use her personal account for government work.”

The following was posted by Sam Rolley, published by Personal Liberty News: “In November 2010, Huma Abedin suggested to Clinton, “[W]e should talk about putting you on state email or releasing your email address to the department so you are not going to spam.” Clinton responded that she’d rather “get separate address or device but I don’t want any risk of the personal being accessible.”

This my friends is so bad that I cant see the wisdom of Hillary continuing as the Democratic nominee for president, She was advised of a security breech but yet she was more concerned of her personal business on these emails. This personal accessibility is a load of crap. I will tell you what she was concerned about as though we all don’t know it already and that was her lies about Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Clinton is a criminal in the ready. As these investigations come forward with more damaging information she has no business running for President of The United States. She put herself in this hole but that does not mean she has to put the rest of us in a loss of credibility around the world. We The People have had a liar in the White House for the last seven years, we sure as hell don’t want another liar to take over the presidency. For the good of the country and her party she should drop out of the race now in as much as I feel that will be the final outcome. For the sake of We The People I suggest to Hillary Clinton to drop out now because she will only be forced to do so later.


The Federal Judge Who Challenged Obama’s Executive Action On Illegal Immigration Has Told The Department Of Justice Where To Go

If you recall U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen from Texas was the one who challenged and put a stop on Dictator Obama’s executive action on illegal immigration. He did it one day before the executive order was to take place that involved 5 million illegal immigrants. You can imagine the turmoil it would have caused if Obama was allowed to go through with this unconstitutional ruling. First of all the states would not have been able to afford funding for all these illegals considering they would be able to receive the same benefits everyday Americans receive such as health care, housing, applying for jobs, schooling and the list goes on. This is exactly why 26 states sued which made Judge Hanen take his last minute action. In the meantime Obama’s lawyers and the Department of Justice lets just say have been pissing Judge Hanen off with their unorthodox ways of trying to get around him.

The following was posted by Ed Morrissey, published by Hot Air News: “The federal judge hearing the challenge to Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration threw the book at the Department of Justice yesterday in a rare show of judicial force, the National Law Journal’s Zoe Tillman reported. In an order that details material misrepresentations made by DOJ attorneys in his court, Judge Andrew Hanen has demanded a full list of illegal immigrants granted benefits in the lapsed time. Hanen then blocked DOJ attorneys from appearing in any court in the 26 states involved until they take an ethics course, and further demanded that Attorney General Loretta Lynch to report within 60 days about how she plans to correct the failures in the Office of Professional Responsibility:”

“The United States Department of Justice … has now admitted making statements that clearly did not match the facts. It has admitted that the lawyers who made these statements had knowledge of the truth when they made these misstatements,” Hanen wrote. “This court would be remiss if it left such unseemly and unprofessional conduct unaddressed.”

If Justice Scalia was still sitting on the bench it was almost for sure that the high court would have ruled 5-4 against Obama on this ruling. We must remember though that if the court rules 4-4 it will be the last ruling that would prevail and that would be the ruling of Judge Hanen with a stop to this unconstitutional ruling of allowing 5 million illegal immigrants to stay in the United States. Yes my Patriots, We The People still have some good people among us who will always protect out Constitution. Thank you Judge Andrew Hanen.

Obama Is Running Out of Time To Transform And Destroy America: Seven More Months Just Cant Go By Fast Enough

How can We The People ever forget the time Marxist Obama addressed our Congress and warned that if he did not get what he wanted from that institution he would use his pen and phone. We all knew or should have known what he meant when he said that, naturally his Democrat socialists stood up and applauded when he said it the brain-dead followers that they are. One thing this fool forgets is that each executive order he signs without the approval of Congress the next president can delete it and that’s exactly what will happen providing the American people are stupid enough to vote in another Democrat.

Obama has been destroying America economically with the installing of Obama Care, higher taxes, thousands of new regulations and he has taken away the leadership of the United States from around the world with the weakening of our military by cutting it’s budget and putting in a bunch of yes men and getting rid of the officers who had stood up to him. Lets not forget that during his first term he stirred the pot on racial issues that had been calm for the last thirty years and attempted to have the police throughout out country made out as villains.

Since he started his second term he has been doing all he can to put America on a destructive path. He tried to sign an executive order to allow 5 million illegal immigrants to stay in our country until a Federal Judge from Texas put a stop to it and is still waiting for a ruling from the Supreme Court.

Obama and his cronies are trying to allow illegal immigrants to vote in this years presidential race. Part of it is by cheating and not wanting picture id’s is part of the way these illegals can vote. There are a couple of states that are allowing the picture Id’s to the anguish of this Marxist.

He wants to bring into our country 100,000 Syrian refugees for the purpose of changing the demographics of America, your neighborhood. These people will not have two kids they will have more like six or seven They will be multiplying across the whole country. On top of this Obama is not protecting We the People because we will not know how many ISIS plants will be within these refugees.

The following was posted by Dave Jolly, published by Constitution News: “Now Obama has just issued another illegal executive order requiring all public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom and locker room of their choice. He obviously cares nothing about the privacy or rights of the vast majority of Americans. He doesn’t care if a man, claiming to be a woman walks into a bathroom or locker room with your daughter or wife. He doesn’t care if that man exposes himself to your daughter or wife or if your daughter or wife are forced to expose themselves to him. I gather most men in America would be furious if that happened but, hey, Obama doesn’t give a darn about the majority of Americans. He only cares about his own personal agenda to destroy everything that made America great.”

“But don’t forget, Obama still has 7 ½ months left in office. Will he use his executive order to further persecute Christians, ban homeschooling, force everyone to embrace homosexuality, ban conservatism or any other of our disappearing values? Knowing what he told Medvedev in 2012 and seeing what illegal actions he has already taken, I suspect the worst is still yet to come.”

Most of We The People have enough common sense to have put all the pieces together to know that this Marxist is out to destroy the United States of America. Congress is not fulfilling their duties because they have also taken the oath to uphold our Constitution and the way to do that at this point is to have Obama arrested and imprisoned. Obama cannot have usage of his final seven months, Congress must act, the United States is in danger.

It’s A Very Good Possibility That Russia Has 20,000 Of Hillary’s Emails: That would Spell Automatic Prison Time

The drip, drip, drip is still dripping in regard to Hillary’s emails. You see once you attempt to suppress a lie that has many avenues to the truth the only road block standing in its way would be Hillary and she is no longer able to control the narrative. There are too many people who now have access to Hillary’s emails who were able to hack them. She has lost control, its just a matter of time when the dam will break, right now its a vicious storm. Last week I reported the fact of the hacker under FBI custody from Romania who reported that he had a very easy time breaking into Hillary’s emails. Now you have president Putin of Russia who claims he has 20,000 of Hillary’s emails and is debating if he should release them or not.

The following was published by Conservative Intel: “The Kremlin is considering whether or not to release some 20,000 hacked Clinton emails reportedly in its possession.”

“Russian security services apparently obtained the emails as part of their investigation into the Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel Lazar, known as “Guccifer” — now in U.S. custody in relation to the Clinton email scandal.”

The following was published by The Horn News: “Clinton’s failure to safeguard classified information appears to be a clear and serious violation of the Espionage Act. The relevant part of the law, 18 USC 793, says that anyone who handles important national security documents with “gross negligence,” so that they are “delivered to anyone,” or “lost,” or “stolen,” is guilty of a felony.”

“The guilty party “shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.”

In the eyes of the law it doesn’t matter if Hillary didn’t have intent although I am sure she did have a motive such as hiding what really happened in Benghazi as her motive for using her own personal server because she would be able to control anything and everything that she would want to keep away from We The People. But put aside motive for the time being just for Hillary being negligent, just the fact that she neglected to secure thousands of national secrets on her possession is considered breaking the law and that would be prison time for Hillary.

Why Hillary Clinton is allowed to run for president considering she has all these investigations over her head is just too much for me to comprehend. This is how the socialist main stream media controls who will be prosecuted in the press and who would not. You know darn well that if this was a Republican running for president under the same scenario him or her would be crucified in the press already. We The People have one thing going for us versus the criminality of Hillary Clinton, the facts are leaking out if the main stream media likes it or not. That’s why there are millions of people like myself writing blogs with each new piece of information. Hillary, this time you screwed up big time.

Our Dictator-In-Chief Has Struck Again: It’s Time For Parents To Take Their Kids Out Of Public Schools

The socialists in government and the socialistic public school administrators being implemented in our public schools for decades have now reached a turning point for public schools. Lets not act that this is a surprise, its been a long time coming. Just a reminder what the socialists have suppressed from our school system even since I was a child. They have taken away the Lords Prayer and just a reminder every culture believes in some form of God. They took away the Pledge of Allegiance of which the Congress itself under the Eisenhower Administration passed to state “Under God” in it. I remember as a child going to school we use to celebrate in the month of February Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays, and then the socialists took away the emphasis away from those two great American Presidents and gave us a President’s Day instead. The socialists have been eating away at God in our society and Americanism and now we have Obama who promised that he would transform America but naturally he never told We The People how and the obedient socialist main stream media never bothered to ask this Marxist what he meant. We slowly found out what he meant and now he has come out with the grand prize for the perverted socialist society led by Obama that has no room in American society and Obama will find out this was a grave mistake and he will pay the price.

The following was posted by Dr. Joel Mc Durmon, published by The American Vision: “Think your schools are different? Well, even if they were (and they weren’t), they’re not any more. Obama is about to issue an executive letter telling all public schools to allow transgender students and staff to use whatever bathroom they like. Yes, that means sexually confused, unstable, and perverted boys and men entering your girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms—backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.”

“So Christian, what should you do? It’s a no-brainer. You should, without hesitation, do what you should have done a long time ago: pull your kids out of government schools. Government schools are a socialist tyranny. They are a purely socialistic institution, funded by socialism, created and run by socialists in order to turn children into socialist factory workers and government employees.”

The Doctor wrote a long post on this subject and I suggest you read it titled “Obama’s Transgender Decree To Public School’s: What To Do Now.” My understanding is there are already 12 states that have filed suit, make sure yours is one of them. We can not allow our country to be trashed by losing God completely. We are the majority, lets start acting like we are the majority.

This News Is Huge And Fantastic: A Federal Judge Has Ruled Against Obama Care

This is the news many of us have been waiting for. This is one of the unconstitutional decisions that Dictator Obama did on his own without going to the Congress to get funding for the subsidy spending that Obama gave consent to for Obama Care except for the fact that Congress never appropriated the money for and it is the House of Representatives and only them that have the purse strings to appropriate money under the Constitution. About a year ago then House Speaker John Boehner and the Republican House decide to sue the Obama Administration for unconstitutionally appropriating funds without the consent of the Congress and now a Federal Judge has come down with her ruling- potentially stopping $175 billion in subsidies.

The following was posted by Ed Morrissey, published by Hot Air News “The Obama administration unlawfully paid billions of dollars to insurance providers under the Affordable Care Act without a funding appropriation from Congress, a federal district judge in Washington ruled on Thursday.”

“The insurance subsidies were designed to offset discounts that insurers were required to give eligible lower-income Americans under the health care reform law. U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer said federal agencies could not fund the subsidies through another section of the health care law that allocated money for tax credits.”

“Paying out Section 1402 reimbursements without an appropriation thus violates the Constitution,” Collyer wrote. “Congress authorized reduced cost sharing but did not appropriate monies for it, in the FY 2014 budget or since. Congress is the only source for such an appropriation, and no public money can be spent without one.”

So there you have it, it’s exactly how it should be ruled. If this ruling stands Obama Care will be finished, there will be no subsidies for the people who would be asking to qualify for them because there would be no money. If this happens it will be up to the Republican Congress to come up with a plan that would make sense. The Republicans have promised that they would come up with a better plan more in line with our capitalistic system. There have been a number of ideas such as allowing crossing of state lines for better competition to keep the cost down, vouchers and I always said there was nothing wrong with catastrophic insurance which this should have been added to begin with instead of tearing down the whole insurance industry for this cancer called Obama Care the stepping stone to a single payer system that all the liberals (socialists) in Congress want.

The biggest thing coming out of this ruling if it stands is that once again it shows the dictator tendencies of Obama. If he doesn’t get what he wants from Congress he will do it on his own. That’s not how our checks and balances work and Obama knows it. Just add another one to the criminal actions by Obama. The pile is getting very large.

Hillary Said The Hacker Of Her Emails Is Lying

Shameless Hillary is really something else. Here she is a 45 year career liar ever since she was fired for lying on the committee to impeach President Nixon way back in 1973 but she has the audacity to insinuate that the hacker that the FBI extradited from Romania for the main purpose of seeing and confirming what the hacker knows is lying. Marcel Lehel Lazar, who goes by the moniker “Guccifer” is doing a lot of talking and it looks very much so that he is not holding anything back. Hillary Clinton as far as I am concerned is taking a very big chance of calling this hacker a liar considering I am sure it would be very easy for the FBI to match any hacked information that Guccifer gives to State Department records.

Guccifer claims that he is not the only hacker that penetrated Hillary’s emails. He claims that he is only one of a possible 10 individuals from all over the world and that it was “easy.”

“While Lazar’s claims cannot be independently verified, three computer security specialists, including two former senior intelligence officials, said the process described is plausible and the Clinton server, now in FBI custody, may have an electronic record that would confirm or disprove Guccifer’s claims.”

“Lazar also told Fox News that during his flight to the U.S. from Romania on or about March 31, he was accompanied by an FBI agent and a State Department official. He said he talked to the FBI and “wrote up eight pages of notes” during the flight, stressing that “I have nothing to hide.”

“Lazar told Fox News that, while imprisoned in Romania where he was serving a seven-year sentence, he met several times with U.S. agents from the FBI, Secret Service and Treasury.”

Hillary’s strategy has always been with all her scandals to stretch them out and eventually people will get sick of hearing about them. I know from some of my readers on Hillary they have the attitude of so what! Their not going to do anything about it anyway, but you see that’s exactly what Hillary is counting on and the politicians and the media would pick up the same mind-set. Every new piece of information that has come out on Hillary’s emails I gave the information to you, my readers. This is the end-game I feel otherwise the FBI would not have extradited this hacker from Romania. The FBI will compile the evidence with all the other pieces they have accumulated and what happens then? A request for Hillary to pay the FBI a visit, well of course.

The United States Is Having A Collapse In Business Investment: This Is What Is Holding Back Jobs And America Being An Economic Power

The business community is in a depression, whatever small profit they have and many of them don’t they will not invest it back into the economy as long as Obama or any other socialist for that matter is president. They will not invest their monies into an economy where they don’t know where the next tax increase or the next rigid regulation will come from. There is nothing worst for a business and for We The People if they don’t have the economic strength to invest into the economy. A small business person today which controls over 70% of the United States economy will not be able to hire, offer better paying jobs or expand as long as there is a socialist president in the White House with constantly putting handcuffs on the small business person.

The following was posted by Larry Kudlow & Stephen Moore, published by Tea Party News: “Business investment hasn’t grown for two years. Over the past two quarters, total business fixed investment has fallen by an annualized average of 4 percent. Business equipment and software has dropped by more than 5 percent. Non-residential structures — like commercial office space, shopping malls, factories, and hotels — have dropped by nearly 8 percent.”

“But let’s go further back. For the entire 32-quarter economic recovery, business fixed investment has averaged just 1.1 percent at an annual rate. Since 1960, however, business fixed investment has averaged 4.4 percent at an annual rate. So the present expansion in business investment is roughly one-quarter of the 55-year average.”

Obama is the only president who has never seen a 3% growth in any year that he has been president. “Arthur Laffer has taught us that “if you tax something, you get less of it.” That’s why firms are moving offshore in droves. It’s not about being unpatriotic. It’s that it doesn’t pay, after-tax, to invest in the United States.”

All this talk about blaming other countries for our economic mess such as China and Mexico is all bull. If we put our own house in order to get the small business person to reinvest back into our economy they will start rehiring, giving better paying jobs and expand. The solution to our economic woes is right here in our own economic structure. It’s easy to fix but it wont be fixed with socialistic leadership in the White House. Socialists choke the economy, that’s their game plan, they want to pull the strings and have people rely on government. Just ask those 97 million Americans who have left the workforce.

Target Is Now Paying The Consequences For It’s Change Of Bathroom Policy

We would say among ourselves sometimes of the fact this breed of young executives that have come out of today’s universities have about as much common sense as that fly on the wall and even that fly has enough sense to move fast if you try to hit it. So now you have these clowns in the executive office’s of Target one fine day they got together and decided it would be revolutionary and great for its sales to allow a guy to pee in the ladies room where you have your little daughter using it at the same time. On top of all this they have allowed the same condition in their fitting rooms where already there are cases pending in the courts for Peeping Toms. I swear this country is going crazy.

This all started when Target made an announcement to allow transgender people to use the bathroom and fitting rooms corresponding with their gender identity, rather than the sex indicated on their birth certificate. Well it so happens the liberals are not the only ones who know how to boycott for everything that suits them The conservatives have had enough with the liberals insanity’s, this bathroom issue had gone just too far and the conservatives started a petition against target and naturally this is not just a conservative issue, lets just say the whole country is pissed off(no pun intended).

The following was posted by Kacie Whaley, published by Rollingout: “Over 1 million people have signed a petition vowing to boycott Target retail stores due to their new transgender-friendly bathroom policy.”

“The American Family Association (AFA) created a boycotting pledge stating that Target’s recent rule to accommodate people of all gender identities is unsafe. As of May 1, the petition has reached 1,123,887 signatures.”

“Target’s policy is exactly how sexual predators get access to their victims,” the AFA pledge states. “And with Target publicly boasting that men can enter women’s bathrooms, where do you think predators are going to go?”

To make matters deservingly worst for Target their stock has taken a nose dive. The following was posted by Conservative Post: “Shares of Target Corporation Common Stock (TGT) have fallen from $84.14 a share on April 19, the day Target made the “Inclusivity” announcement, to $79.27 a share as of Friday afternoon — a drop of 5.8 percent in 10 days.”

“According to the Family Policy Institute, the drop in Target stock prices “would represent a corporate loss of over $2.5 billion.”

This decision of Target struck to the family core, the American family has had enough of the liberal experiment on our society and when it involves our kids and everybody else for that matter taking the privacy of the bathrooms away it looks to me that that’s the straw that broke the Camels back. These executives of Target have best go back to the universities they came out of and take some courses about morals in society before they completely tear down and destroy their company and ignite an angry fire among the American populace.

Obama Care Was Designed To Fail

Obama Care was definitely designed to fail and the proof is right there, right in front of our eyes and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Now one would say why would the government go through all this trouble to have it fail? The answer is simple, to implement a single payer system.

The following was posted by Wikipedia: “Single-payer health insurance collects all medical fees, then pays for all services, through a single government (or government-related) source.[3] In wealthy nations, this kind of publicly managed insurance is typically extended to all citizens and legal residents. Examples include the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, Australia’s Medicare, Canada’s Medicare, and Taiwan’s National Health Insurance.” This has always been the dream of the liberals (socialists). you could imagine the catastrophe this would be considering whatever the government is now involved with turns to crap.

So lets talk about how Obama Care has been doomed to fail right from the start. They planned for the young and healthy to be the main contributors ages 18-34 considering they would be paying in without having to use it not nearly as much as an elderly person. This is why it was mandated to make sure these young people with most of them not having a history of illness be required by law to buy it. So far so good except they turned around and included the fact that a young person could stay on their parents insurance policy until the age of 25. Now how does this make sense? They are undermining the money they have calculated as coming in from these young. This is designed to fail, it just can’t happen.

The next step they devised was a system to fine anyone who does not get Obama Care coverage. The fine started low the first year, I believe it was $99. Now it is over $1000. The only means they have to collect right now is to deduct it from any tax refund anyone might be getting. Now here is the problem, if a person has a fine but will have no tax refund at the end of the year the fine will not be collected. This is such a joke and unfair to the people who are receiving a tax refund.

This is not difficult to figure out. Obama Care has been designed to fail, how else would they come up with a formula of not getting the money it needs to survive. That is why now we are witnessing various insurance providers leaving the system the last one being United health. Mission is almost accomplished for the socialists that have been wanting a single payer system. The thing is to repeal Obama Care and start over again and make sure we don’t go into a single payer system. I’m sure the American people have figured out that Obama Care is self destructing and I would say only by design.