Obama Care Was Designed To Fail

Obama Care was definitely designed to fail and the proof is right there, right in front of our eyes and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Now one would say why would the government go through all this trouble to have it fail? The answer is simple, to implement a single payer system.

The following was posted by Wikipedia: “Single-payer health insurance collects all medical fees, then pays for all services, through a single government (or government-related) source.[3] In wealthy nations, this kind of publicly managed insurance is typically extended to all citizens and legal residents. Examples include the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, Australia’s Medicare, Canada’s Medicare, and Taiwan’s National Health Insurance.” This has always been the dream of the liberals (socialists). you could imagine the catastrophe this would be considering whatever the government is now involved with turns to crap.

So lets talk about how Obama Care has been doomed to fail right from the start. They planned for the young and healthy to be the main contributors ages 18-34 considering they would be paying in without having to use it not nearly as much as an elderly person. This is why it was mandated to make sure these young people with most of them not having a history of illness be required by law to buy it. So far so good except they turned around and included the fact that a young person could stay on their parents insurance policy until the age of 25. Now how does this make sense? They are undermining the money they have calculated as coming in from these young. This is designed to fail, it just can’t happen.

The next step they devised was a system to fine anyone who does not get Obama Care coverage. The fine started low the first year, I believe it was $99. Now it is over $1000. The only means they have to collect right now is to deduct it from any tax refund anyone might be getting. Now here is the problem, if a person has a fine but will have no tax refund at the end of the year the fine will not be collected. This is such a joke and unfair to the people who are receiving a tax refund.

This is not difficult to figure out. Obama Care has been designed to fail, how else would they come up with a formula of not getting the money it needs to survive. That is why now we are witnessing various insurance providers leaving the system the last one being United health. Mission is almost accomplished for the socialists that have been wanting a single payer system. The thing is to repeal Obama Care and start over again and make sure we don’t go into a single payer system. I’m sure the American people have figured out that Obama Care is self destructing and I would say only by design.

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