Hillary Said The Hacker Of Her Emails Is Lying

Shameless Hillary is really something else. Here she is a 45 year career liar ever since she was fired for lying on the committee to impeach President Nixon way back in 1973 but she has the audacity to insinuate that the hacker that the FBI extradited from Romania for the main purpose of seeing and confirming what the hacker knows is lying. Marcel Lehel Lazar, who goes by the moniker “Guccifer” is doing a lot of talking and it looks very much so that he is not holding anything back. Hillary Clinton as far as I am concerned is taking a very big chance of calling this hacker a liar considering I am sure it would be very easy for the FBI to match any hacked information that Guccifer gives to State Department records.

Guccifer claims that he is not the only hacker that penetrated Hillary’s emails. He claims that he is only one of a possible 10 individuals from all over the world and that it was “easy.”

“While Lazar’s claims cannot be independently verified, three computer security specialists, including two former senior intelligence officials, said the process described is plausible and the Clinton server, now in FBI custody, may have an electronic record that would confirm or disprove Guccifer’s claims.”

“Lazar also told Fox News that during his flight to the U.S. from Romania on or about March 31, he was accompanied by an FBI agent and a State Department official. He said he talked to the FBI and “wrote up eight pages of notes” during the flight, stressing that “I have nothing to hide.”

“Lazar told Fox News that, while imprisoned in Romania where he was serving a seven-year sentence, he met several times with U.S. agents from the FBI, Secret Service and Treasury.”

Hillary’s strategy has always been with all her scandals to stretch them out and eventually people will get sick of hearing about them. I know from some of my readers on Hillary they have the attitude of so what! Their not going to do anything about it anyway, but you see that’s exactly what Hillary is counting on and the politicians and the media would pick up the same mind-set. Every new piece of information that has come out on Hillary’s emails I gave the information to you, my readers. This is the end-game I feel otherwise the FBI would not have extradited this hacker from Romania. The FBI will compile the evidence with all the other pieces they have accumulated and what happens then? A request for Hillary to pay the FBI a visit, well of course.

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