Our Dictator-In-Chief Has Struck Again: It’s Time For Parents To Take Their Kids Out Of Public Schools

The socialists in government and the socialistic public school administrators being implemented in our public schools for decades have now reached a turning point for public schools. Lets not act that this is a surprise, its been a long time coming. Just a reminder what the socialists have suppressed from our school system even since I was a child. They have taken away the Lords Prayer and just a reminder every culture believes in some form of God. They took away the Pledge of Allegiance of which the Congress itself under the Eisenhower Administration passed to state “Under God” in it. I remember as a child going to school we use to celebrate in the month of February Presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays, and then the socialists took away the emphasis away from those two great American Presidents and gave us a President’s Day instead. The socialists have been eating away at God in our society and Americanism and now we have Obama who promised that he would transform America but naturally he never told We The People how and the obedient socialist main stream media never bothered to ask this Marxist what he meant. We slowly found out what he meant and now he has come out with the grand prize for the perverted socialist society led by Obama that has no room in American society and Obama will find out this was a grave mistake and he will pay the price.

The following was posted by Dr. Joel Mc Durmon, published by The American Vision: “Think your schools are different? Well, even if they were (and they weren’t), they’re not any more. Obama is about to issue an executive letter telling all public schools to allow transgender students and staff to use whatever bathroom they like. Yes, that means sexually confused, unstable, and perverted boys and men entering your girls’ locker rooms and bathrooms—backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.”

“So Christian, what should you do? It’s a no-brainer. You should, without hesitation, do what you should have done a long time ago: pull your kids out of government schools. Government schools are a socialist tyranny. They are a purely socialistic institution, funded by socialism, created and run by socialists in order to turn children into socialist factory workers and government employees.”

The Doctor wrote a long post on this subject and I suggest you read it titled “Obama’s Transgender Decree To Public School’s: What To Do Now.” My understanding is there are already 12 states that have filed suit, make sure yours is one of them. We can not allow our country to be trashed by losing God completely. We are the majority, lets start acting like we are the majority.

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