Obama Is Running Out of Time To Transform And Destroy America: Seven More Months Just Cant Go By Fast Enough

How can We The People ever forget the time Marxist Obama addressed our Congress and warned that if he did not get what he wanted from that institution he would use his pen and phone. We all knew or should have known what he meant when he said that, naturally his Democrat socialists stood up and applauded when he said it the brain-dead followers that they are. One thing this fool forgets is that each executive order he signs without the approval of Congress the next president can delete it and that’s exactly what will happen providing the American people are stupid enough to vote in another Democrat.

Obama has been destroying America economically with the installing of Obama Care, higher taxes, thousands of new regulations and he has taken away the leadership of the United States from around the world with the weakening of our military by cutting it’s budget and putting in a bunch of yes men and getting rid of the officers who had stood up to him. Lets not forget that during his first term he stirred the pot on racial issues that had been calm for the last thirty years and attempted to have the police throughout out country made out as villains.

Since he started his second term he has been doing all he can to put America on a destructive path. He tried to sign an executive order to allow 5 million illegal immigrants to stay in our country until a Federal Judge from Texas put a stop to it and is still waiting for a ruling from the Supreme Court.

Obama and his cronies are trying to allow illegal immigrants to vote in this years presidential race. Part of it is by cheating and not wanting picture id’s is part of the way these illegals can vote. There are a couple of states that are allowing the picture Id’s to the anguish of this Marxist.

He wants to bring into our country 100,000 Syrian refugees for the purpose of changing the demographics of America, your neighborhood. These people will not have two kids they will have more like six or seven They will be multiplying across the whole country. On top of this Obama is not protecting We the People because we will not know how many ISIS plants will be within these refugees.

The following was posted by Dave Jolly, published by Constitution News: “Now Obama has just issued another illegal executive order requiring all public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom and locker room of their choice. He obviously cares nothing about the privacy or rights of the vast majority of Americans. He doesn’t care if a man, claiming to be a woman walks into a bathroom or locker room with your daughter or wife. He doesn’t care if that man exposes himself to your daughter or wife or if your daughter or wife are forced to expose themselves to him. I gather most men in America would be furious if that happened but, hey, Obama doesn’t give a darn about the majority of Americans. He only cares about his own personal agenda to destroy everything that made America great.”

“But don’t forget, Obama still has 7 ½ months left in office. Will he use his executive order to further persecute Christians, ban homeschooling, force everyone to embrace homosexuality, ban conservatism or any other of our disappearing values? Knowing what he told Medvedev in 2012 and seeing what illegal actions he has already taken, I suspect the worst is still yet to come.”

Most of We The People have enough common sense to have put all the pieces together to know that this Marxist is out to destroy the United States of America. Congress is not fulfilling their duties because they have also taken the oath to uphold our Constitution and the way to do that at this point is to have Obama arrested and imprisoned. Obama cannot have usage of his final seven months, Congress must act, the United States is in danger.

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