Hillary Clinton Has A “Jekyll and Hyde” Personality As Told In A Book By An Ex- Secret Service Agent

I have always said that the Clinton marriage has been a marriage of convenience whereas they both needed each other and respected each others political abilities and ambitions. Nobody can convince me that good old Hillary did not know about Billy boys affairs. I can just hear the conversation where Hillary would tell Bill you go do your thing but never get caught and embarrass me, well we know the rest of the story, not only did Bill get caught because of the famous blue dress but he got caught doing a sex act right in the White House. I can just imagine with Hillary’s sinister, killer personality how that went but so much of this is described in a new book by an ex- Secret Service Agent.

Hillary is saying now that Donald Trump does not have the temperament to be president, I would say from information out of this new book Hillary doesn’t have the temperament to be president or any other responsible job for that matter.

The following was posted by Colleen Conley, published by Tea Party News: “Gary Byrne — a 29-year veteran of the military and law enforcement — portrays Hillary as too “erratic, uncontrollable and occasionally violent” to become leader of the free world, according to a Page Six preview of the book set for release later this month.”

“In the tell-all, Byrne writes about incidents in which the Secret Service would have to protect Bill from his wife’s angry and sometimes physically violent outbursts. He claims that the entire staff at the White House lived in terror of her tirades.”

“Byrne describes arriving for work one day in 1995 following a loud altercation between the Clinton’s the previous evening that left Bill sporting a “real, live, put-a-steak-on-it black eye.”

I don’t know about you folks who are reading this but one thing I do know is when you have been on earth as long as I have you can look at a person’s body language and see how a person holds themselves in various settings it being a speech or just communicating with people and I am sure you can tell that Hillary is not comfortable with people or with herself for that matter. I have written before about her drinking and she cant do without it, she has a large drinking problem and if you put all these ingredient’s together you have a walking time bomb on your hands and her name is Hillary Clinton. Just ask Bill. The biggest question I have now of Hillary is when is she going to come out of the closet?

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