Obama Steps Up To The Podium To Tell We The People Why He Does Not Use The Term “Radical Islamic Terrorists” This Is Pathetic!

Obama was in a rage. You can tell from the insanity in his eyes and his body language. Lets face it, Trump got under his skin with it being true that Obama just will not mention “Radical Islamic Terrorists.” Maybe he has his Czars reading my blogs where I mention it often, that is only a wish of course. This not using the term of not defining the real problem is a very big puzzlement of concern. Most people understand the fact, Muslims included know that “Radical Islamic Terrorists” is a true definitive of where the real problem lies and that term defines the separation of the peaceful Muslim community from the ones who want to force the radicalness of a hijacked religion and force it on the rest of the world via Jihad. This is where the picture goes sour with Obama being reluctant to say it. There is a bigger picture here as to why Obama cannot get himself to say it and there are more and more people being suspicious as to the fact why he wont say it with many different interpretations as to why he will never say it and on top of that Obama steps up to the podium and make a fool out of himself to We The People and the world as to why he wont say it.

The following was posted by Ben Shapiro, published by the Daily Wire: “But what the words “radical Islam” do say is that religious ideology matters – that there are world problems that can’t be solved by appeal to transnational redistributionism or deliberate attempts to curb American power in favor of great equality among civilizations. Obama thinks that if he ignores the religious ideology of our enemies, they’ll come around so long as we pull back and then offer them material goods; that’s why his own State Department suggested that ISIS be given jobs.”

“But they won’t. That’s what the phrase “radical Islam” recognizes: that the only way to bring people back from the brink is a religious transformation. And that’s a pretty serious problem, since people hold their religious beliefs far more closely than any other belief system. It means that it’s not enough for a few fringe Muslims to condemn terrorism. It means true reformation, of the sort proposed by Egyptian leader General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, not wishful thinking about the current state of the Muslim world, which is replete with fundamentalism that provides impetus to radical Islamic movements.”

That’s why there is something wrong with this picture. Obama is one of them and you can take that anyway you want to. Obama knows what it is really all about, “Radical Islamic Terrorism” is a world wide movement that wants to convert the world to their hijacked radical religion and it must be stopped because where does that put the United States of which is over 70% Christian. People, this is not hard to figure out, it’s the enemy within and that enemy is running out of time.

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