New Revelation: Hillary Was Using Two Calenders: This Is Getting Better By The Day

Hillary is trying to make it to the finish line without all her crap of deceit being expose about her lying to the American people on how she used the United States Government to feed her hunger for power and benefit financially her family and the Clinton Foundation. So the witch used two calendar’s, one that she wanted to expose and the other one to the true business of her devious routine. Whatever Trump has been saying about her is true, she is a lying evil person and to have a person of this character running for president of the United States is shameful and what can you expect from the Democrat Party who gave us Obama, Mr. American hater and lover of everything that is Muslim instead of We The People. So now they are prepared to give us Hillary (The witch) Clinton but lets hope the only finish line she reaches is a prison cell.

The following was published by The Horn News: “The Associated Press reported a review of Clinton’s calendar — her after-the-fact, official chronology of the events of her four-year term — identified at least 75 meetings with longtime political donors and loyalists, Clinton Foundation contributors and corporate and other outside interests that were either not recorded or listed with identifying details scrubbed. The AP found the omissions by comparing the 1,500-page document with separate planning schedules supplied to Clinton by aides in advance of each day’s events. The names of at least 114 outsiders who met with Clinton were missing from her calendar, the records show.”

“The missing entries raise new questions about how Clinton and her inner circle handled government records documenting her State Department tenure — in this case, why the official chronology of her four-year term does not closely mirror other more detailed records of her daily meetings. At a time when Clinton’s private email system is under scrutiny by an FBI criminal investigation, the calendar omissions reinforce concerns that she sought to eliminate the “risk of the personal being accessible” — as she wrote in an email exchange that she failed to turn over to the government but was subsequently uncovered elsewhere.”

We The People must not tire of the fact that Hillary’s scandal’s are old and boring news because first of all that’s exactly where she wants to take us. Like I have written on numerous occasions this is how the Clinton’s operate, just stretch it all out and eventually the American people will tire of it all and it will look like she is being picked on. Hillary doesn’t know what being picked on is. If she was Republican she would be in prison already. The media if you recall when it was proven at the eleven hour hearing in front of the House Benghazi Committee that she lied about Benghazi the socialist media could not even get themselves to mention the fact, all they talked about was her endurance that she withstood eleven hours of testimony.

If James Comey’s FBI doesn’t even come out with a recommendation for indictment I cant even phantom to think the volcanic explosion of the American people. I have stressed many times that FBI Director James Comey strikes me as a honest man who wont take crap from the White House or anyone else. There are so many people who say he wont do anything, I hope he proves himself a real American from the old school and tell these people in the Justice Dept. and White House to go to hell. There I said it!

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