I Have Always Written Favorably Of FBI Director James Comey Until Recently: I Have Lost All Respect For the Director

People who have been reading my posts will vouch for the fact that I had complete confidence in FBI Director James Comey. So many of my readers ridiculed me for the fact that I felt Comey would throw politics aside and recommend indictment on Hillary the witch Clinton’s personal server and email scandal. I really felt because of his history of being his own man and integrity he would put politics aside and do the right thing.

Lets do a review on how the last turning of events went. For all the young folks who have never seen the old movies of the Key Stone Cops you need not to worry, you have seen the new version of the Key Stone Cops in action. First you have President Bill Clinton waiting on the tarmac of an airport to wait for the top Keystone cop Loretta Lynch to arrive at the airport so they can talk a half hour about their grandchildren and golf. To think that these two liars would have the nerve to tell We The People a story like that. Then because of the uproar of We The People Attorney General Loretta Lynch makes a statement that whatever Keystone Cop James Comey decides she will abide by. In the meantime you have Hillary the witch making a statement that if she wins the presidential election she will keep Loretta Lynch on as Attorney General. Now if this isn’t a scene from an old Key Stone Cop movie I don’t know what the hell is.

Now the big day comes when FBI Director is to address We The People on his decision on Hillary’s email and private server scandal. Now just remember what was discussed above and also that Hillary and Obama have already arranged to make a campaign stop together before Comey has even given us his decision. I hear so many people on cable say of the fact the first ten minutes of his address it looked like he was going straight towards indictment proving that Hillary had lied, put our National Security in possible danger because of the possibility of foreign actors hacking intercepted emails and that Hillary was extremely careless and then Comey did a complete about face that he would not present charges against Hillary because he felt that no prosecutor would pursue the case. Here is the thing, it is the FBI Directors job to present the case and just allow the prosecutors the chance to see the case brought forward to determine if they want to send it to a Grand Jury.

The following was published by Newsmax: “The minute you say someone is extremely careless, you are saying they’re grossly negligent,” he told Fox. (Rudy Giuliani) “That is what a judge will charge a jury. The judge will charge a jury: Has the government proven that she was?”

“What do we mean by gross negligence? We mean extremely careless. Regular carelessness is not using the proper degree of care under the circumstances. Gross negligence is being extremely careless in exercising your responsibilities of this.”

“That’s what Jim Comey found,” he said. “He then just didn’t come to the conclusion that it’s a violation of the statute.”

“Gross negligence is the first definition in Black’s Law Dictionary,” Giuliani told Brian Sullivan on CNBC. “Gross negligence includes the words ‘extreme carelessness.’

It is very obvious the fix is in, something that I will admit I never expected from FBI Director James Comey. I made a mistake by trusting James Comey who has proven himself to be just another left-wing hack.

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