It’s Now Time To Get Behind Donald Trump For President Of The United States

I am not going to write this under false pretenses, I was for Ted Cruz but it’s now time to bury the hatch and I am supporting Donald Trump for President of the United States of America and I am hoping all the other people who had supported the other candidates in the field will do the same.

Donald Trump when he says he wants to make America great again I can see that he means it. Donald Trump when he says he’s the law and order president, he means it. It is time that the nations cops stop being made the whipping tools of the socialists in power such as Obama and his cronies or a Hillary Clinton looking for power.

Donald Trump covered all the issues in his acceptance speech that most Americans talk about at their kitchen tables. They talk about these worrisome issues at home because political correctness has taken our freedom of speech away.

We use to have a military second to none but now you wonder if Russia and China are equal to ours. Donald Trump made it a goal to wipe out ISIS and secure our borders to protect We The People from such barbarians as ISIS. When our military takes this role of safe guarding We The People from these barbarians and wipes them off the face of the earth the United States once again will have respect around the world.

Donald Trump will win over the little person who is struggling in our economy just by the fact that a billionaire is to go so far as to go to bat for the little person who worries if the next mortgage payment or rent will be paid. For this to happen the business community knows that for the little person to get out of the rut Donald Trump will open the spicket to industry that has been in a stand-still for too many years.

There was so much in Donald Trumps over one hour speech but the point should be well taken that of the above mentioned Hillary Clinton cannot implement mainly because her ideology will not allow her to do so because she like Obama is a Saul Alinsky Marxist. She will talk about helping the little person but she wont do it just like all socialists wont, they talk about helping the middle class and little person but they really don’t want to, they want to keep them suppressed to make sure the need for the government is always prevalent.

The things that Donald Trump mentioned that needs taken care of cannot wait another four years which means a Hillary Clinton or any other socialist for that matter cannot win the presidency. We The People know with all the destructiveness happening in our country it has put America on very thin ice and the ice is ready to crack. Donald Trump has now been nominated for President of the United States and he now warrants our support. The fight for the nomination is over and a new fight begins for the presidency of the United States. Lets not screw this up like in 2012. We must make Donald Trump the president of the United States for the survival of America. He has my vote.


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