A Federal Judge Has Denied The State Departments Request For Hillary Clinton Not To Release The New Found 15,000 Emails From the FBI Until After The Presidential Election

These 15,000 or so emails are emails that Hillary never turned over to the FBI which of course she went out of her way to make sure they never knew about it. But guess what Hillary, surprise, surprise, someone of you misguided misfits steered you wrong and the impossible happened that will contribute to your misery. “The FBI discovered the roughly 14,900 emails by scouring Mrs. Clinton’s server and the computer archives of government officials with whom she corresponded.” So you see what mom use to tell us as youngsters holds true, “if there’s a will there’s a way. The State Department wanted these emails to be held back until after the presidential election. What a farce that would have been considering We The People have been screwed over so many times lately by this witch being given a free pass with the latest being from James Comey of the FBI. Thank the Lord there is always some Judge around who will make moral judgments.

The following was posted by Mark Landler and Steven Lee Myers, published by the New York Times: “As a result, thousands of emails that Mrs. Clinton did not voluntarily turn over to the State Department last year could be released just weeks before the election in November. The order, by Judge James E. Boasberg of Federal District Court, came the same day a conservative watchdog group separately released hundreds of emails from one of Mrs. Clinton’s closest aides, Huma Abedin, which put a new focus on the sometimes awkward ties between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department.”

“Under the likely timetable, the soonest the new emails would be released is October. The State Department released the original emails in monthly installments over nearly a year, through February, though it missed several court-ordered deadlines as its staff and other agencies scrutinized the documents for classified information.”

I remember during the built up when the FBI Director James Comey was determining weather to indict Hillary Clinton or not there were many posts written during that time period that if the Director ruled against indictment there would be people within the FBI that would make sure that the whole story would get out about this criminal in the ready by the name of Hillary Clinton. I am just wondering if what we are seeing now holds true to that plan. Regardless, I know there are many out there who will be saying what’s the use, she got away with it but you see as long as this bleeding of her emails continue to be exposed and leaked out there is always that possibility of some federal judge reopening the case. But one thing is for sure, Hillary Clinton all the way to election day will be exposed for the evil and rotten person that she is and this can only be good for Donald Trump. On the last day when all is said and done we can only hope that all this will tilt the election to a real American.


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