Donald Trump Got This One Right: Officials Have Raided Muslim Refugee Camps And Discovered their Worst Nightmare

We have read in various posts after the massacre raids by ISIS barbarians of the fact they bragged they got into those raided countries such as France, England, Spain and others by mixing in with the refugees. Donald Trump has been saying all along that immigration from that area of the world should be stopped until we figure out what the heck is going on. This is one of the reasons Trump got so popular early on because that is a kitchen table topic that most Americans have been talking about except the left wing nuts of course and it was finally refreshing to have somebody running for president with this conversation. Why would Obama and Hillary Clinton want to continue to bring refugees to the United States from Syria considering they cant be vetted is beyond me except for the fact Obama has been destroying America like a slow cancer the last seven years and this is all part of it. For any liberal(socialist) who is reading this you cannot give one coherent answer as to why this Marxist president wants to bring in people into the United States of America who want to kill us.

The following was posted by The Conservative Post: “According to Mad World News, authorities in Europe have just announced that they uncovered fake passports printed by the Islamic State in the hands of refugees they’ve allowed into their countries.”

“This came after police conducted a series of raids on refugee camps and found the ISIS-forged documents in the possession of Syrian and Iraqi refugees in camps located in Iraq, Syria, Greece, and Austria.”

“In particular, they have identified fake passports in the refugee camps in Greece that were destined to supposed members of ISIS (ISIL),” the Italian newspaper La Stampa reported.”

I just don’t understand what more people have to see to be convinced that all immigration must be stopped from that area of the world. Obama and Hillary can take their political correctness and stick it. It is time for the Congress to put a stop on this with a veto proof majority to make sure that the Muslim lover in the White House cannot veto the bill. A president who can care less about the safety of his fellow citizens is a treasonous president and Obama constantly comes under that category.

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