Hillary Has More Damaging Email Information Coming Out This Time On Benghazi: We The People Must Not Give Up On The Four American Hero’s Killed

There are damaging emails that will be coming out on Benghazi that Hillary tried to and assumed they were destroyed. As I have stressed one other time Hillary is banking on the fact that the American people will get tired of hearing about Benghazi and not even want to discuss it, this is how the Clinton’s always do things. These are the 15,000 or so emails that were never turned over to the FBI that the FBI has reconstructed them mainly from people that Hillary had sent them to.

The following was published by The Horn News: “The other shoe is about to drop on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. It involves undisclosed, deleted Benghazi emails, and it’s happening on Sept. 13.

That’s when the State Department is being forced by court order to release nearly 15,000 messages that were never turned over during the FBI investigation.”

“It is astonishing that Hillary Clinton tried to delete and hide Benghazi emails and documents,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement. “No wonder federal courts in Florida and DC are ordering the State Department to stop stalling and begin releasing the 14,900 new Clinton emails.”

Nothing astonishes me about Hillary Clinton. For her to go out of her way to attempt to delete emails on Benghazi it just goes to show that Hillary knows she screwed up big time on the handling of and going out of her way not to even attempt a rescue mission to save the lives of our four hero’s. You remember that song by Elvis many years ago? “Your The Devil In Disguise.” Well there is Hillary Clinton in plane sight, she is not in a disguise, she is out in the open and she is making fun of we the American people because she knows no matter what she has done or does there are people who would vote for this criminal in the ready. Well I am one person and I know there are many of the American people who see Hillary as she really is, a ruthless slimeball who will do anything to better her self interests. We The People must not give up on seeing justice done for the benefit of our four hero’s that were killed and keep this phony away from the national interest of The United States of America.

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