The Media Is Not Honestly Reporting The Trump Movement

It’s true that filling a concert hall or stadium does not mean that it carries over in the true reflection of the polls but the other side to that equation is empty concert halls and stadiums does carry a reflection at the polls and not a good one at that. A presidential candidate would not be filling these places to full capacity if there was not a movement of some sort.

As much as immigration is always in the forefront of the Trump candidacy that is not number one on the minds of most Americans which is still “the economy stupid.” We all know the importance of stopping illegal immigration because as far as I’m concerned it goes hand and hand with the economy. All these people coming in will want and be given all the benefits that any Americans are receiving now thanks to Obama and with Hillary as president it will not stop. The main stream media neglects to report or just doesn’t want too that there are millions of Americans out there who have lost full-time jobs too part-time and lets not forget the 97 million people who have stopped looking for work because the jobs just aren’t there. So lets use some common sense, Hillary would just be a continuation of Obama’s economic policy’s which means nothing will be changed because Hillary has nothing to offer except bullcrap.

The following was published by The Horn news: “What no one in the media will tell you is that Trump already has the support of enough Democrats to compete in states that haven’t voted for a Republican in decades. Hundreds of thousands of Democrats have switched parties to support Trump, and millions more will likely vote for him in 2016.”

“Blue collar Democrats, especially union members, are backing Trump because of his promise to negotiate trade deals that put our workers first, crack down on China, save jobs from illegal immigrants, and end the war on coal.”

“It’s made him popular in places like Weirton, West Virginia, where the Weirton Steel Company once employed 12,000 people from three states. Now, it’s down to 900 workers, with thousands unemployed voting in Ohio and Pennsylvania.”

“Clinton is a charisma-free criminal who supports the TPP and other policies that would wipe their factory right off the map. Democrats know it. That’s why two polls taken in January found that 20 to 25 percent of Democrats would support Trump.”

This election cycle reminds me of 1980 when Ronald Reagan was running for president and the pundits were writing him off as too conservative and not knowing the international scene he would never win and naturally the main stream media followed along. What the media is missing in all their falsehoods is that We The People have had it up to here. Trump very visually shows that he loves the United States of America whereas Hillary has never changed from the fact that she loves herself more than anything else and the American people see right through her and they see in Trump granted not a polished speaker but a person who loves his country more than anything else and I believe that will give him the presidency in the end.

Maybe the day will come when George Soros will be forced to stop donating millions of dollars to the main stream media and that will put the medial on an equal playing field with reality. News outlets make it by sponsorships and not being bought if the price is right and its time to get Soros out of our political system and send him back to wherever the hell he came from. By the way, send his son with him because it’s been said he’s worst than his father.

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3 comments on “The Media Is Not Honestly Reporting The Trump Movement

  1. Ken Feiler says:

    All true….and if the economic news were reported upon over the decades… A far more dismal scenario would be easily seen by all. I grew up in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area…. United States Steel, Bethlehem Steel, Cyclops Steel, Jones and Laughlin Steel, Carnegie Steel…and more… ALL produced steel…. Coal mines produced the coal to fuel the mills and the metal fabrication industries (amongst which were Westinghouse, General Electric, Westinghouse Air Brake {trains, subway brakes etc) The trucking industry which transported all the manufactured goods and the machine shops which created even more… ALL ARE GONE NOW…AND ALL PAID VERY GOOD WAGES WHEN THEY WERE VIABLE INDUSTRIES BACK THEN…
    All are in China now and the TRILLIONS of dollars lost over the years is immeasurable in the estimation of the health of our economy…..
    We have been slowly sold out for a globalist perspective of how the earth shall be ruled. They have influenced our representatives in a manner in which we have lost such industry in this country…and virtually given it to Asian countries…especially China. This slams our economy in far deeper ways than the media represents, and robs Americans of good paying jobs…very good paying jobs.
    Pittsburgh Des Moine Steel paid $7.50/hour in 1973 for starting wages for a welder… I worked there… The mines paid $11.00+ /hour at the same time… And the minimum wage was less than $2.00/hour at that time…
    Americans have no idea what was lost through giving…yes giving our industry away to other nations…..
    And the urban poor…mostly Black…suffer the most… As they vote, decade after decade… for the very ones that create the lack of jobs in their communities that make those very communities the centers of drug distribution and unemployment. Surely they thought they could do better with Obama…. But he let them down and just used them for a political plank iin his platform of American destabilization…. And The Hill follows in his footsteps….
    I do not think she has ever had an original thought within her head. She has followed the lead of her husband and sold out this nation time and again…and will do the same.
    At least Trump is not a “career” politician… And what true public “servant” could afford to be a “servant” their entire life ? Wouldn`t they want to get away from “service” and be able to make a living on their own ? (of course I use “Oldspeak” in the definition of servant)
    Nowdays…those elected leverage their job into a position of wealth and power at the expense of the people…. And this is the greatest obstacle we face as a nation, as it brings forth more criminals than true patriotic “servants”…. And do not get me wrong… The worker is worthy of his hire…. But to accumulate 100`s of millions of dollars in “service” to America…selling our national secrets and favors… NOT a definition of public servant…

    • johnapappas says:

      Very good education given Ken. Our manufacturing has been going overseas through the years and I know we can come up with oh so many reasons but we must remember our government depending who was in power at the time has been so hostile to our business community and today we see its at its worst. The highest corp. tax in the world among free nations, always condemning the rich and coming up with ways to punish them economically and I can go on forever,

      Trump is a business person with a lot of common sense and he loves America and I am sure he will use his knowledge to stop the flow of this bleeding of losing more of our business community overseas and start making it attractive for them to start coming back.

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