We The People Must Be Very Concerned That The FBI Is No Longer The One Agency We Could Depend On Now That They Have Become Political

I just don’t believe what I am seeing in regard to James Comey and his FBI Department. I never for a moment thought that the FBI would give up their reputation of always getting their man for political reasons because Comey is beholding to somebody or somebodies. The FBI waiting for Friday of Labor Day weekend to announce the fact that they were releasing their notes into the investigation of Hillary Clinton of the way she handled classified material when she was Secretary of State.

The following was posted by Kevin Hart Publisher, published by The Horn News: “And this past Friday, the supposedly “non-political” Federal Bureau of Investigation dropped a big, stinking pile of trash at all of our feet.”

“The agency finally released its notes from an investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her handling of classified materials while secretary of state.”

“And after one look at these documents, you can see why the FBI was sweating bullets over their release. They are a permanent testament to agency incompetence, and prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that Clinton is a criminal who was allowed to walk.”

“The shameful way these records were released is more proof that James Comey is unfit to lead the FBI, and must be removed from his post immediately.”

This should be problematic to all Americans who love their country. Something is going on internally that is in defiance of the makeup of our country, our Constitution and our Forefathers who gave us this great country. Why did FBI Director Comey not indict Hillary considering her criminality is so obvious in this whole mess of emails, private server, Clinton Foundation and the whole lot? Did Comey decide that there was no need to indict because he thought public opinion would indict her? Did Comey not want to be the one to dismantle the candidacy of Hillary Clinton? The point is the FBI is not to think these type of reasoning’s, they are to take the facts and come to an end result based on the law. My worst fares is that We The People with the FBI not to be trusted we do not have any agency left in our government that we can trust. Something very cynical is happening behind the scenes that is beyond comprehension. All I will say is between now and the presidential election we must all be alert for any possibility. We are in very dangerous times as long as we have that Marxist as president of the United States with the Muslim name of Barack Obama. May God be with the United States of America.


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