Hillary Clinton In Latest Forum Continues To Lie By Saying Her Emails Were Not Hacked

Whatever the hell medications Hillary Clinton is taking for what ails her is sure not doing anything for the screw that is loose in her head in a forum the other night with Matt Lauer. First of all the nut cases that are still supporting Hillary how do they justify in their own mines that when Hillary says she knows her emails were not hacked do they ever rationalize the fact how the hell would she know something like that. We are talking about thousands of Hillary’s emails floating around out there like butterfly’s but good old Hillary is confident to say they were not hacked and the morons who are supporting her believe her no matter if anyone with half a brain knows she is lying and Hillary with a straight face knows she is lying but Hillary being a career liar lying is second nature to her.

The following was posted by Bill Gertz, published by the Washington Times: “The FBI’s once-secret report on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email system reveals that messages sent to aides were compromised by hostile foreign actors.”

“The FBI did not elaborate on the identity of foreign cyberattacks that normally refer to activities of sophisticated foreign intelligence services or criminal groups. The bureau was also unable to “conclusively” say whether classified information sent on Mrs. Clinton’s emails and mobile phones was compromised by “cyber means,” the report said. FBI cybersleuths blamed their inability to obtain all Mrs. Clinton’s old devices and computers for the inconclusive results.”

“However, the FBI did conclude that Mrs. Clinton sent emails to people with computer systems that were penetrated by foreign hackers.”

“The FBI did find that hostile foreign actors gained access to the personal email accounts of individuals with whom Clinton was in regular contact, and, in doing so, obtained emails sent to or received by Clinton on her personal account,” the report noted.”

All this is really common sense and for Hillary to be saying she knows her emails were not hacked is insulting the intelligence of the American people. Naturally you have many of Hillary supporters who will continue to back her no matter how many lies are proven to have been said or what devious actions Hillary has done but we must always not forget you cannot cure the brain-dead.

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