Hillary Clinton Has Put Her Party In Panic Mode: So Much So A Former DNC Chair Is Calling For A Contingency Plan If Need Be To Replace Her

It doesn’t matter what frequency of lies come out of Hillary Clinton’s mouth her supporters would stick by her tooth and nail, it being lies on Benghazi, it being lies on her private server, it being lies on her emails and don’t forget she has yet to tell the American people why she needed a private server in the first place as though We The People don’t have the brains to have figured out why she did so but its the lies about her health that finally has moved the mountain of believers to an explosion of many non-believers. This women is disintegrating before our very eyes health wise and this last episode of her fainting and the Secret Service having to throw her in her van like a bowl of jello and the nation having to wait for hours to get some kind of a coherent statement from her staff is beyond reproach.

The following was posted by James Barrett, published by the Daily Wire: “How real is the chance that Hillary Clinton is forced to bow out of the presidential race over her continued heath problems? Real enough that a former Democratic National Committee chairman is now sounding the alarm about the immediate need for a contingency plan to replace her. It’s official: full-on panic over their physically and politically collapsing candidate has set in for the Democratic Party.”

“While Don Fowler, chairman of the DNC from 1995 to 1997 (during Bill Clinton’s presidency) and a faithful supporter of Hillary, is not calling for her to step down, as Politico stresses, he is calling on the party to put into place a clear replacement plan for the ailing candidate — and as soon as possible.”

A friend of mine stressed to me recently that if the candidate is not Hillary Clinton for the Democrats it will be just another liberal(socialist) so what’s the difference? I stressed the fact that yes its true that all the Democrats are liberals, I would say in left-wing nut proportions because there is no longer any middle ground in the Democratic Party, it has as we know been hijacked by the left wing element of their party but here is the thing that must be stressed. Hillary Clinton is a very evil person with devil behavior of the highest consequences to whomever stands in her way and we must not have a person such as this in the White House.

Hillary Clinton knows her health issues have done a disservice to her supporters who have trusted her with her explanations of her health. The pressures of the presidency cannot have a person in the White House who needs to nap hours of the day because of health issues. Hillary I am sure even her supporters have figured out by now why she does not have a full-time campaign schedule because of the fact her bad health has deprived her of it and she does not have the stamina needed to fulfill the duties of the presidency. Yes, Hillary tried to stretch out her shortcoming’s of bad health and hoped it would not have been noticed well the cat is now out of the bag. This will be very interesting from here on end. Hillary Clinton will not be able to have her Doctor put down that she had pneumonia the next time around which I am guessing Hillary lied about what really ails her that she had to be taken out of the 9/11 ceremonies three hours ahead of time. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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