The Internet That Was Invented By American Ingenuity Obama Is On The Verge To Giving It Up To An International Body

It has been talked about much of late that if Hillary Clinton won the presidential election she would offer Obama a position on the Supreme Court. Speaking of that this is one of the main reasons We The People should not want Hillary winning the presidency because we don’t want her to have anything to do with putting more Marxists on the Supreme Court because that would destroy America forever. Now she can ask Obama all she wants to place him on the highest court in the land but Obama being a pure narcissist through and through would never accept a position with his feet stuck in cement. This narcissist wants to be involved in the world order to be able to have a big influence on the decisions of the world, which means the hell with the United States Constitution but we already know that because he has been slowly destroying our Constitution all the time this Marxist has been president.

The following was posted by Senator Ted Cruz, published by The News With Ted Cruz: ” This extraordinary ability is a direct result of American ingenuity. Because the Internet was invented right here in the United States with the financial support of American taxpayers, our federal government has stood guard over critical Internet functions and protected free speech online under the First Amendment. But the Obama administration could change all of that in just 14 days.”

“Unfortunately, on October 1, President Obama intends to give oversight of the Internet away to ICANN, an international body that includes oppressive regimes such as Russia, China, and Iran, and has a history of poor accountability.”

“This radical proposal jeopardizes Texas jobs, our free speech online, and our national security. Congress must act by September 30 to protect Internet freedom, and I will continue to work with my colleagues to stop Obama’s dangerous handover and preserve your freedom and livelihoods online.”

This is very bad by all means. Don’t think for a minute that part of the rationale for these Marxists to be pushing this is to suppress our free speech on the Internet. You can see the freedoms we enjoy and cherish on the Internet from blogging our concerns of anything we want to write about or crack jokes, send cartoon pictures or talking about our friends and family’s ,we don’t want to give this away to some worldly organization in which countries that are our enemies would have the same insights on the same topics as you and me. This is an American invention(can someone please tell Al Gore that) that we should be able to bear the fruits of our inventiveness.

What do we do in such short notice? What we know works all the time, believe me and that is scare the crap out of Congress by calling, faxing, sending emails, anything that one is comfortable doing, whatever works. This is a very serious issue especially if you and me want to keep out freedoms on the internet. For the folks that will say they will never listen to us, please try sending a message by whatever means you choose to the Congress about protecting out internet freedoms. Who knows, you might like it so much you just might start doing it often. I know I do and believe me I do get responses. Lets go for it.

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