It’s Time For The “Never Trump” People To Finally Fall In Place Behind The Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump: Get With IT!

In watching the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for the people who were not yet convinced they should be convinced now of the fact with Hillary its going to be governmental involvement in our lives, from the economy to protecting our men in blue and she will have the same old military policies of Obama’s continuing on because the way she was talking she was proud of her contribution to the disastrous developments of the middle East and doesn’t even find fault in the treasonous Iran deal. Hillary has the same old Marxist talking point that she will tax the rich but what makes me laugh is she forgets to say that she will also tax everybody else. For the life of me I cant understand the selfish bullheadedness of the Never Trump movement and if I were them I would be ridiculed to the fact that its not even a movement anymore, its just a group that are making a fool out of themselves.

For you “Never Trump” people I want you to see what you would be giving up if Hillary becomes president and for the ones who say Trump is not conservative enough I would like you to take the time and look at the following list.

The following was posted by Gary Bauer, published by Richard Viguerie Conservative HQ:

• Trump has directly confronted the smothering, debate-ending left-wing dogma, euphemistically called “political correctness.”
• He has said he supports a litmus test on judges. His Supreme Court appointments WILL BE pro-life.
• He has made corruption in Washington, D.C. a major theme of his campaign.
• He rejects nation building in the Middle East — a utopian, not a conservative, adventure that ignores Islam’s incompatibility with the basic tenets of freedom, including religious liberty and the equality of women.
• He exhibits Ronald Reagan’s caution on the use of military force, coupled with Reagan’s firm belief that when we do use force, we fight to win.
• Trump is confronting the putrid globalism that believes secure borders are passe and that all cultures are equal. He believes in American exceptionalism and the rule of law.

Those are just of the few things Trump is pushing for and don’t forget he wants to bring our military back to a strong fighting unit that has been tremendously weakened under Obama as we all know.

He is for sound secured borders and once again there will be respect for our men in blue which they have not seen any respect during the Obama years.

The above are all that Hillary Clinton is not, than why for the life of me I don’t understand the rationale of the Never Trump people or lack of it. As I have written before I was a Ted Cruz person and I did not like the way Trump treated his opponents but I have now been supporting Trump ever since Cruz dropped out of the race and it sure took Cruz long enough to declare he will vote for Trump. I surely will not spite my face to go with a socialist like Hillary Clinton.

I have read somewhere that the Republicans are starting to fall in place behind Trump. Mitt Romney had somewhere around 90% of the Republicans and Trump has moved up from the 70’s to about 86%. We are almost at the 90% mark but we must do better because even with around 90% Romney lost the election. As I have said in other posts there are many people who have not voted for a long time being disgusted with all kinds of broken promises and these are the folks who are not being counted by pollsters and the bulk of these people will be for Trump.What I will say to the Never Trump people is if by some chance which I say wont happen, but if Trump loses the election I will hold the Never Trump people responsible for We The People not taking our country back.

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