As Obama Ends The Final Days Of His Presidency He Is Giving We The People The Shaft

Obama is going out with a blast. One thing is for sure the blast is not for We The People unless you call giving us the shaft a gift. The day is coming and it’s so hard to believe that this poor excuse of a presidents final days are numbered. Everyone reading this can take a short time out and think of one thing this president has done to make your life easier because I cant think of one. He always brags about the jobs he created and if some jobs were created its in spite of himself. What he doesn’t brag about is the fact that many full time jobs have become part-time jobs. He doesn’t brag of the fact that ninety five million people have stopped looking for work. He doesn’t brag of the fact that Obama Care has caused much of this to have happened because companies can no longer afford to provide insurance because of the premiums being so high for them and the fact that Americans cant afford Obama Care because of the high premiums and deductibles for themselves and this is just about the economy never mind how he has screwed up our military. On top of this Marxist Obama is giving each American a parting gift.

The following was posted by The Conservative Tribune: “Even thought President Barack Obama only has less than two months left in office, he hasn’t stopped his liberal agenda, and he hasn’t learned that the American people are tired of regulations.”

“American Action Forum reported that America has just passed an important milestone — the 10-year regulatory burden on Americans has now passed $1 trillion.”

“New Environmental Protection Agency regulations on trucks were what finally pushed the regulation costs over $1 trillion.”

“Put another way, each American now will have to fork over a one-time payment of $3,080 for these new regulations, or an annual cost of about $540.”

This is a president who has always talked about the middle class, but you see these socialists always say that but what Obama has really done is continuously hurt the middle class by a constant flow of higher taxes and more regulations throughout his presidency which has just about destroyed the middle class. Look at the prices of houses today and buying of a car of how ridiculously high the prices are. That’s because companies have to put in the price to make up the costs of these higher taxes and regulations. Just think now what class of people can afford to buy just these two items and how about everything else people have to buy to support this. There is actually no longer a middle class. The people in the middle can no longer afford these things thanks to a socialist president who was set on destroying the economy with his socialistic transformation so the government could control the nature of the economy they want to provide and for the government to be in control.

This is why We The People were pissed off. How many times did I stress that this was the last chance to take our country back. America is too long gone to have had another four years of socialism with Hillary Clinton. You must know how close we are to losing our country because of the socialistic transformation Obama had put in place. Our prayers to God must be a constant thank you for giving America another chance. We must not blow it now and I am surely convinced president- elect Trump loves America dearly to save it which is opposite of Obama who wanted to socialize America. So long Obama. good riddance!


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