Obama’s Concern That Russia Possibly Might Have Hacked America’s Presidential Election Is A Farce: His Main Objective Is To Overturn The Victory Of President-Elect Trump

All the pieces are falling in place on all these post-election decisions from Hillary Clinton, Green Party candidate Jill Stein and President Obama. Lets put the presidential election between Hillary and Trump under proper perspective,

Lets start with the election itself. How many times have we heard lately that Hillary did not spend enough time in the blue states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. Hillary did not make a mistake that was the plan, she thought she had it made in the shade, the election was hers, why how can it not be with over three million illegal immigrants voting in her favor and don’t forget the dead that have popped up voting. You think I’m making this up, goggle it and see. There has been fraudulent voting all over the country and most of it has been picked up by accident, picture a full scale effort to get the right numbers. That’s why Trump mentioned the fact that if you took out the illegal voters out of the equation he would have won the popular vote. Enough of the blue collar whites who had not voted for years came out and voted for Trump in those three industrial states to off set all the illegal voting that Hillary thought would win her the election. So her not campaigning heavy in those states in the last week did her in as she thought she had the election in the bag.

Now Hillary and company had to think of another scheme and that was have the votes counted in those three blue states that Trump won narrowly and hope that there was proof of hacking of votes that it would turn the election to Hillary’s favor. If you recall Obama was nice about it at that time making statements such as there was never any proof of hacking disrupting the vote outcome. Well guess what, Trump won wherever there was recounting and I believe Pennsylvania just recently ruled they would not allow a recount. So there goes that, now what!

The following was published by The Horn News: “Obama’s move to pin the election hacks on Russian agents sounds more like a distraction from what’s actually IN the email exposed by WikiLeaks, and that’s a cynical operation to undermine the Democratic Party’s primary process and hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton.”

“Americans rejected that ugly backroom approach to choosing leaders – but Obama’s move gives Clinton one more chance to seize control over the nation at the last minute.”

“The release of “information” blaming Russia seems designed to influence the members of the Electoral College, who meet next week to formally select the president.”

That’s the plan my friends by Obama and his cronies. By bringing up this Russian hacking late in the game which he could have done much earlier if he really believed it, is to place doubt in enough of the Electoral College members for them to change their minds and cast their vote from Trump to Clinton and swing the election to the criminal in the ready.

Obama is giving all he has to swing the election to Hillary, as a matter of fact its practically a must for Obama and for Hillary to win this election which of course she wont. You see with Trump taking over the presidency and a new DOJ department in the works Obama and Hillary will be praying that there will be no prosecution per investigation on either one of them. Yes, this is what it’s now all about, Obama, Hillary and their cronies are all out to save there rear ends. It could not have happened to a better group of socialists.


7 comments on “Obama’s Concern That Russia Possibly Might Have Hacked America’s Presidential Election Is A Farce: His Main Objective Is To Overturn The Victory Of President-Elect Trump

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius.

  2. ThumbWind says:

    I’m shocked and dismayed that the far right will accept Putin’s bitch has their leader. At least McCann isn’t kowtowing to blind adoration and calling for a full investigation on the role the Russians played in this election. It’s shameful, sheeplike and unpatriotic to not question what is going on. Read Federalist Papers No 68.

  3. johnapappas says:

    First of all I believe too much has been made about Trumps relationship with Putin. I think Trump knows better than that other than to have a door of communication open for any future decisions.

    As far as the Russians playing a role I want to see proof which there hasn’t been any. The different intelligent agencies are not in agreement on Russian involvement. It has also been suggested that the NSA is the agency that was feeding Wikileaks. I am waiting for all this to come forward.

  4. ThumbWind says:

    This was just posted on the Boston Globe this afternoon. “Admiral Michael Rogers, director of the National Security Agency and commander of the US Cyber Command, has stated, “This was not something that was done casually, this was not something that was done by chance. This was not a target that was selected purely arbitrarily. This was a conscious effort by a nation state to attempt to achieve a specific effect.” On Thursday, a senior intelligence official disclosed that there is substantial evidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin himself authorized the cyberattack.

    • johnapappas says:

      There has been flip flops among agency’s also on if and when Russia did and how with the FBI recently coming into the fold just yesterday with Director Comey verifying as such, The question that is rightly asked still is the fact Obama as proven knew this early on and refused to get involved and do anything about it and as I have written this was mainly because of the fact that Hillary was leading in the polls at that time and he did not want to give any ammunition to Donald Trump that politics was being played when in fact the name of the game to this useless president is playing politics on a constant basis no matter what the situation may be. Like I said earlier it backfired big time with Trump becoming President-elect and Hillary hitting the bottle and now the liberals(socialists) are all in panic mode trying to undermine the Electoral College by giving them reasons to swing their obligated votes to Hillary. These are disgusting people who have been in power the last eight years and Obama’s transformation of America to socialism will finally come to an end. Naturally when Obama stressed eight years ago that he was going to transform America nobody from the mainstream media bothered to ask him what he meant by that but I knew what he meant as well as millions of other Americans.

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