A Can Of Worms Has Been Opened Up For The Democrats Because Of The Recounts That Were Requested By Green Party Candidate Jill Stein And It Proves The Fix Was In For Hillary Clinton

My friends it can not be shown any better from the recount in Michigan that the fix was in for Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election. This is what happens when people get greedy and try to overturn elections that were not meant to be won for them in the first place. Hillary was attacking hard working coal miners openly so you know that would not go well in these three industrial states. I mentioned the fact in my publication recently that Hillary did not campaign in any of these three major blue states, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. It sure as hell Hillary was very confident that she would win in those states so why bother spending the money to campaign there. Sure, she was confident alright but only because of the fact Hillary knew the fix was in, no problem! Piece of cake!

The following was posted by Stephen Dietrich, Managing Editor, published by The Horn News: “For months, President-elect Donald Trump warned Americans that the election would be rigged.”

“Now that the results of the recount are in, a massive scope of discrepancies in Democratic precincts has been uncovered.”

“The Horn News first reported on December 8th on the massive voter fraud that was uncovered during the Michigan recount.”

“Now, more exact details have revealed just how bad the election fraud was — and the numbers are stunning. In one heavily Democratic county, there were too many votes in a staggering 37 percent of precincts.”

“Detailed reports from the office of Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett show optical scanners at 248 of the city’s 662 precincts, or 37 percent, tabulated more ballots than the number of voters tallied by workers in the poll books,” The Detroit News reported Tuesday.”

“Read that again, and let the horror sink in.”

“For example, a recount election observer at Wayne County Precinct 152 noted that while over 306 votes were counted, there were only 50 actual ballots – which means six-times the amount of votes were counted there.”

Something like this to take place takes a mastery of the technique and it would take many years and quite a few of presidential elections to master it. This is bad because the voter fraud has been talked about for years but you have the Democratic ( voter fraud ) Party that wants nothing to do with voter picture Id’s of which as we know in our society you cant go or do anything without a picture Id. Everytime the issue goes to the courts it is the Democratic Parties attorneys that are right there, up front facing the Judge fighting it with dear life.

The sad part is if it wasn’t for the stupidity and greed of Jill Stein and the donors who came up with the money for the recounts we would not be talking about this today accept in small bits as always. I have been stressing the point for a long time now that if it wasn’t for voter fraud the Democrats would never win a national election. My view on this is now stronger than ever and now with President-elect Trump in the White House something will be done about voter fraud and with Trump exposing all this to the American people instead of hiding the issue the way Obama was I believe the day of massive voter fraud can be conquered. The Democrats have been doing this in my life time ever since the presidential election of Nixon and Kennedy in 1960. Its time to take voter fraud out of our society. It’s the closest thing to being a banana republic and We The People must have no part of it.

Obama’s Concern That Russia Possibly Might Have Hacked America’s Presidential Election Is A Farce: His Main Objective Is To Overturn The Victory Of President-Elect Trump

All the pieces are falling in place on all these post-election decisions from Hillary Clinton, Green Party candidate Jill Stein and President Obama. Lets put the presidential election between Hillary and Trump under proper perspective,

Lets start with the election itself. How many times have we heard lately that Hillary did not spend enough time in the blue states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. Hillary did not make a mistake that was the plan, she thought she had it made in the shade, the election was hers, why how can it not be with over three million illegal immigrants voting in her favor and don’t forget the dead that have popped up voting. You think I’m making this up, goggle it and see. There has been fraudulent voting all over the country and most of it has been picked up by accident, picture a full scale effort to get the right numbers. That’s why Trump mentioned the fact that if you took out the illegal voters out of the equation he would have won the popular vote. Enough of the blue collar whites who had not voted for years came out and voted for Trump in those three industrial states to off set all the illegal voting that Hillary thought would win her the election. So her not campaigning heavy in those states in the last week did her in as she thought she had the election in the bag.

Now Hillary and company had to think of another scheme and that was have the votes counted in those three blue states that Trump won narrowly and hope that there was proof of hacking of votes that it would turn the election to Hillary’s favor. If you recall Obama was nice about it at that time making statements such as there was never any proof of hacking disrupting the vote outcome. Well guess what, Trump won wherever there was recounting and I believe Pennsylvania just recently ruled they would not allow a recount. So there goes that, now what!

The following was published by The Horn News: “Obama’s move to pin the election hacks on Russian agents sounds more like a distraction from what’s actually IN the email exposed by WikiLeaks, and that’s a cynical operation to undermine the Democratic Party’s primary process and hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton.”

“Americans rejected that ugly backroom approach to choosing leaders – but Obama’s move gives Clinton one more chance to seize control over the nation at the last minute.”

“The release of “information” blaming Russia seems designed to influence the members of the Electoral College, who meet next week to formally select the president.”

That’s the plan my friends by Obama and his cronies. By bringing up this Russian hacking late in the game which he could have done much earlier if he really believed it, is to place doubt in enough of the Electoral College members for them to change their minds and cast their vote from Trump to Clinton and swing the election to the criminal in the ready.

Obama is giving all he has to swing the election to Hillary, as a matter of fact its practically a must for Obama and for Hillary to win this election which of course she wont. You see with Trump taking over the presidency and a new DOJ department in the works Obama and Hillary will be praying that there will be no prosecution per investigation on either one of them. Yes, this is what it’s now all about, Obama, Hillary and their cronies are all out to save there rear ends. It could not have happened to a better group of socialists.

Hillary The Master Of Dishing Out Fake News Has Come Out Of Hibernation To Lecture We The People About Fake News!

Good old Hillary continues to be the shameless creature never showing any kinds of signs that maybe We The People have figured her out. Why she continues to lie and try’s to justify her empty talk is beyond me. I assume she always relies on her constituents who will back her up no matter what she says yet as they are rattling off in conversation when you ask them what are Hillary’s main accomplishments they go to an instant hesitation as though they hit a brick wall because they stutter and realize they cant come up with anything. Hillary is a creature of the media and she is now speaking on the topic of fake news which is a creation of the liberal media because what they are doing now is using reverse psychology creating the present day talking piece that there is too much fake news going on when in fact it is the liberal media which has done all the faking. This is all in the guise of establishing an excuse condition such as for poor Hillary, the news was so fake she just couldn’t put forward her real arguments for winning the presidency. This is all so obvious.

The following was posted by Sam Rolley, published by Personal Liberty News: “During a Thursday speech honoring retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lamented the “epidemic of malicious fake news” the progressive left is working so hard to make real.”

“The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year — it’s now clear the so-called fake news can have real-world consequences,” Clinton said.”
“After all, Clinton has been a huge promoter of actual fake news over the years. From bimbo eruptions to the Benghazi video, the former first lady has made a career out of media manipulation.”

This is not hard to figure out what liberals and the likes of Hillary Clinton are trying to do by getting on the fake news drumbeat. They are trying to put fake news all in one plastic bag. Don’t you see it? This is all about taking away our freedom of speech. If it was the mainstream media alone Hillary would have won the election with all the fake news “they” were putting out. Hillary lost the election because of alternative media, the media that we all go out of our way to either watch or hear on the radio and visit the internet. This is the media that was exposing all of Hillary’s scandals and lies. The three major networks on TV for instance were very remotely sharing the WikiLeaks contents the way every other outlet did. This is what you call suppressing the news. So lets get one thing clear here with all this fake news crap, the ones who suppress news to push forward their agenda they are the ones who can be defined as fake news.

Hillary’s agenda and all socialists like her is to put the hammer on alternative news and they just cant do it anymore because of the internet age, people are too abreast as to what is going on. People are going out of their way to find their own news in whatever means they feel most comfortable with intellectually. Hillary did not lose the election from fake news; Hillary must turn her conclusion as to why she lost where it belongs, if there was anything fake it was Hillary and the mainstream media who were protecting her and trying to establish talking points that We The People knew were fake. This is the reason President-elect Donald Trump beat Hillary, there is nothing fake about Donald Trump but there is so much fake coming out of Hillary Clinton. If the main stream media wants to talk about fake they should put that word to where it belongs, Hillary Clinton.

It Is High Time And Long Past Due To Chop The Wings Off Of The EPA

President Richard Nixon established the EPA and in one of his last books before his death he wrote, “yes I established the EPA but not to kill a whole industry to save the owl,” I must remind the readers that at that time I remember there were rivers throughout the United States catching fire because of all the thick sludge.

The following was posted by Hugh McDiarmid Jr: “When Lake Erie – or more exactly the Cuyahoga River which flows into Lake Erie – caught fire in 1969, it ignited a firestorm of public outrage over the indiscriminate dumping of sewage and industrial chemicals into the Great Lakes.”

“But the incident was not particularly unusual. Nor was it the most significant of a long history of fires fueled by the thick oily sludge’s that fouled the Lakes and their arteries. The Chicago and Buffalo rivers also repeatedly caught fire. So did Michigan’s Rouge River.”

As is shown every agency in the government starts with some sound purpose in its initial creation but its what happens as the time moves on, the agency’s grow into a cancer that penetrate into the system and must be cut off and that’s what has happened with the EPA. The agency has become a political power base far removed from its original function where it has actually stopped the expansion of Americas free enterprise system because of exerting ridiculous and costly regulations to the business person small or big. The big corporations who can withstand it keep on producing but at the expense of the consumer a prime example being the automobile industry with its continuation of adding on anti-pollution devices that you and me are paying for and you know the price of new cars because we all have shopped. It has gotten to a point that only a certain person with a perfect credit report can afford a new car. That leaves out millions of people.

The following was posted by Chris Stirewalt, published by Fox News: “THE COMING HOLY WAR OVER EPA
Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore about which Trump cabinet appointment will most infuriate Democrats.”

“President-elect Donald Trump, naming Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruittto lead the EPA would be like picking Martin Luther to be the pope.”

“To say Pruitt is interested in reforming the federal agency is an understatement. In his position as attorney general of the energy-rich Sooner State, Pruitt has led a charge of other red-state attorneys general headlong at the heart of President Obama’s global warming regulations.”

The EPA has exceeded their function by putting the whole United States to an economic halt. It is now the time to chop it’s wings. They are all politics and what they should really be is function for the purpose they were intended and they have gone beyond that with their power plays. Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt is the perfect choice to chop their wings. I can see the Democrats going to war over this nominee but they will lose because they will be fighting We The People.

Hillary’s Criminality Woes Are Not Over

Hillary the arrogant monster that she is just doesn’t know when to leave well enough alone and I am not insinuating that president-elect Trump will be playing a vendetta game against her I am just stressing the fact that Trump was saying that he was not going to assign a Special Prosecutor on Hillary’s emails and private server wrongdoings but the animal that she is still joined hands with Green Party candidate Jill Stein for a recount on three key blue states. She was probably hitting the bottle one night and came to a conclusion that she would not allow Trump to win the election.

There has been a lot of noise of late from various people for Obama to give Hillary a blanket pardon. I don’t think it would be a good idea for Obama to do that considering I believe as many of you do that Hillary’s criminality’s on the emails and her private server are intertwined with Obama’s involvement in one matter of another and for Obama to do something like that I believe that would be a very bad idea on Obama’s part. Yes I know as I’m sure someone will probably say that Obama can pardon himself if he had too. Just think for a moment if all this was to happen within the next two months of Obama’s presidency there would be a constitutional crisis in our country as never seen before.

The following was posted by Ed Klein, published by Townhall: “A sure sign that Trump is reconsidering his position came when he announced he was asking the renowned prosecutor Preet Bharara to stay on as U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York.”

“As I reported in my recent New York Times bestseller Guilty As Sin, Bharara, who has specialized in rooting out public corruption, is a close friend of James Comey, the director of the FBI, who still has an open criminal investigation of the Clinton Foundation.”

“If Bharara agrees to prosecute the Hillary case,” I wrote, “he could bring it to the chief judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. She would assign the case to one of the Southern District’s forty-four judges, who in turn would then empanel a grand jury either in Manhattan or in White Plains, the county seat and commercial hub of Westchester County. The jury would decide whether the case against Hillary should go to trial.”

I can just picture the way future Americans will judge this day lets say one hundred years from now. Here you had a candidate running for president knowing she had performed criminal acts, lets not beat around the bush. You had the Democratic Party placing forth a candidate in Hillary Clinton knowing she had criminal issues. Now what the heck do you think these future Americans would say about all this, something that we don’t have to wait one hundred years for future Americans to tell us and that is that “liberalism (socialism) is a mental disorder.”

ISIS Is Once Again Threatening The United States: They Are Declaring A “Bloody Friday” On President-Elect Donald Trumps Inauguration Day

The ISIS is declaring war on President-elect Trumps Inauguration Day. How much more will it take for Obama to take these barbarians serious, I would say very soon because of the unknown they are holding in their hands and these threats should never have come to this point. As far as I am concerned these savages have already declared war on the United States by threatening Obama’s life. These savages have already declared war by saying eventually they will have a black flag over the White House. This is the United States of America, Obama has allowed ISIS to get away with these kinds of threats against our homeland, himself and We The People. We are a power of super magnitude and we should never be threatened the way Obama has allowed these barbarians to threaten us.

The following was posted by Siobhan McFadyen, published by Express News: “ISLAMIC STATE is planning a ‘Bloody Friday assault on the SAME DAY as Donald Trump is inaugurated as US president, it can be revealed.”

“And the Islamic terror organization is reported to have recruited a number of new English speaking operatives in recent months in a major bid to communicate messages ahead of the event.”

“US special forces will be on high alert when Mr. Trump takes over as 45th President of the United States on Friday, January 20, 2017, in Washington, DC.”

“But security analysts have been following communications between members of the group who are planning large scale attacks on that day, it has been claimed.”

Are you kidding me! We The People have to endure such crap! I don’t think so. Maybe Obama doesn’t have the spine or whatever motive he might have not to confront these savages but I am 100% convinced Trump will take action to clean these roaches off the face of the earth. It’s getting to the point that ISIS has spread their tentacles deep into our society just by encouraging lone operatives to kill you and me. If this isn’t war I don’t know what is. A Declaration of War must be declared by Congress to do this right. The Congress and the President must be tied in this effort together to make it work, none of this separation crap where one can blame the other when there are mistakes made. We The People want a Declaration of War soon because the longer its not declared the more chances we will have bombings on our own soil where we will be uncomfortable of going to a mall, a stadium and our schools with the threat in the back of out minds as to when and where it will happen next. This is unacceptable and President-elect Trump will take care of the situation and his arriving in the White House can not come soon enough.

Not Only Has Obama Continued To Allow Open Borders But Now It’s Been Found Out There Has Been A Glitch In The System On Background Checks For US Citizenship

Obama has always been concerned about the legacy he will leave behind for historians to judge. After all the dust is settled because as we know historians are liberal and usually treat their own kind very gently but on the other hand I’m sure they will judge Obama as leaving We The People and our homeland unprotected. Obama has left our borders open so as to allow any kind of terrorist to come in pretty well on an easy route considering they could just blend in with the other refugees with the same make-up which has been in the tens of thousands. Of course this is the situation where it is not known how many of these are ISIS considering there is no way these refugees can be vetted and this is where the big danger lies. On top of this We The People have found out recently that there is a glitch in the system that is suppose to be checking the background of the people that are applying for United States Citizenship. Obama will be judged way down the road from these future historians of a president that had no concern for the safety of We The People and of course by the time historians get to judge all this the proof will be out that Obama did not care about the safety of We The People of which it will be found out about his intent to take down America because the final chapter in all this would have been played out by then.

The following was posted by Stephen Dinan, published by the Washington Times: “The government suspended naturalization ceremonies and banned officers from approving any new applications for citizenship earlier this week after realizing its background check system was broken and ineligible people may have been slipping through, a key congressman revealed Friday.”

“House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, whose office was tipped off to the monumental error, said he was stunned by the problem — and also by the fact that the administration never bothered to inform him of it.”

“In the internal email Mr. Goodlatte obtained, the associate director at U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ordered all officers “not to approve or oath any naturalization cases in ELIS,” referring to the Electronic Immigration System that’s the case management system for processing applications.”

“In his email to employees, Mr. Renaud said officers were allowed to continue conducting citizenship interviews but could not issue a final approval. In emergency cases where the case must be decided or an oath administered, he said, officers needed to get written confirmation from a regional office that the FBI information in the system was correct.”

I am so stunned but on the other hand I remind myself as to who the president is with an attitude of let them all in and look the other way while they are here. If there is one main reason Hillary Clinton lost to President-elect Donald Trump is the immigration issue. The American people are very smart and they know that the security of our homeland has been compromised. If you recall when Trump started his campaign eighteen months ago it was the immigration issue that he brought forward and the ridiculousness of political correctness where people were compelled to talk about these issues only at their kitchen tables. Well We The People have spoken to the fact we are sick and tired of Obama allowing rift raft in our country and everybody in the government instructed by Obama to keep a blind eye. Obama is so concerned about his legacy well I would advise Obama his legacy is far from over with Jeff Sessions as the future Attorney General who I am sure will be reviewing for any possible wrong doings during Obama’s terms as president. Obama’s legacy is worthless because it was all about him and not the concerns of We The People. In any presidency there is a high and low road. Obama took the easy road, the low road. That’s where his legacy will lie and it’s not good.

As Obama Ends The Final Days Of His Presidency He Is Giving We The People The Shaft

Obama is going out with a blast. One thing is for sure the blast is not for We The People unless you call giving us the shaft a gift. The day is coming and it’s so hard to believe that this poor excuse of a presidents final days are numbered. Everyone reading this can take a short time out and think of one thing this president has done to make your life easier because I cant think of one. He always brags about the jobs he created and if some jobs were created its in spite of himself. What he doesn’t brag about is the fact that many full time jobs have become part-time jobs. He doesn’t brag of the fact that ninety five million people have stopped looking for work. He doesn’t brag of the fact that Obama Care has caused much of this to have happened because companies can no longer afford to provide insurance because of the premiums being so high for them and the fact that Americans cant afford Obama Care because of the high premiums and deductibles for themselves and this is just about the economy never mind how he has screwed up our military. On top of this Marxist Obama is giving each American a parting gift.

The following was posted by The Conservative Tribune: “Even thought President Barack Obama only has less than two months left in office, he hasn’t stopped his liberal agenda, and he hasn’t learned that the American people are tired of regulations.”

“American Action Forum reported that America has just passed an important milestone — the 10-year regulatory burden on Americans has now passed $1 trillion.”

“New Environmental Protection Agency regulations on trucks were what finally pushed the regulation costs over $1 trillion.”

“Put another way, each American now will have to fork over a one-time payment of $3,080 for these new regulations, or an annual cost of about $540.”

This is a president who has always talked about the middle class, but you see these socialists always say that but what Obama has really done is continuously hurt the middle class by a constant flow of higher taxes and more regulations throughout his presidency which has just about destroyed the middle class. Look at the prices of houses today and buying of a car of how ridiculously high the prices are. That’s because companies have to put in the price to make up the costs of these higher taxes and regulations. Just think now what class of people can afford to buy just these two items and how about everything else people have to buy to support this. There is actually no longer a middle class. The people in the middle can no longer afford these things thanks to a socialist president who was set on destroying the economy with his socialistic transformation so the government could control the nature of the economy they want to provide and for the government to be in control.

This is why We The People were pissed off. How many times did I stress that this was the last chance to take our country back. America is too long gone to have had another four years of socialism with Hillary Clinton. You must know how close we are to losing our country because of the socialistic transformation Obama had put in place. Our prayers to God must be a constant thank you for giving America another chance. We must not blow it now and I am surely convinced president- elect Trump loves America dearly to save it which is opposite of Obama who wanted to socialize America. So long Obama. good riddance!

I Will Label This The New Adventure: Populism And Conservatism Under President – Elect Donald Trump Can Work Together

This is a most exciting period right now in America if We The People allow it to be. I remember when Mitt Romney was running for president in 2012 and he was stating the fact that he will bring business back to our economy after four years of deterioration under Obama, the problem is and he meant well and I believed very strongly that he would do it, he left out one important ingredient in the recipe and that was he did not talk about the American worker. The worker wanted to hear him say it, this was the silent American, the blue collar Democratic voter that President Reagan was able to win over and Romney didn’t because he didn’t talk about it and I’m sure he meant the same thing when he was talking about bringing back business. But you see, this is what Trump brought forward, a discussion of finding work for the unemployed and the workers who were worried about losing theirs and stressing the fact that if companies left America lets say for Mexico or China if they were to bring those produced products into America he would slap a 35% tax on the goods.If you haven’t heard the news by now, Carrier negotiated a deal with Trump that it would not be moving one thousand employees to Mexico. This was Trump defining a problem that must be stopped and you can say this would be defined as populism. “support for the concerns of ordinary people.”the quality of appealing to or being aimed at ordinary people.”

The following was published by the Daily Caller: “Carrier Employee Issues Heartfelt Thank You To Trump For Helping 1,000 American Workers Keep Their Jobs. Robin Maynard, a 24-year Carrier employee, issued a heartfelt thank you to Donald Trump and Mike Pence during a Wednesday morning interview on Fox News.”

The millions of conservatives as myself should not be threatened by Trumps populist movement because it is the ordinary people like ourselves who are the engine of America and it is Obama’s socialism that that have kept the economy suppressed for the last eight years.

The following was posted by Mike Lee, published by the National Review: “The rough terms of a successful partnership seem obvious. Populism identifies the problems; conservatism develops the solutions; and President Trump oversees the process with a veto pen that keeps everyone honest. Call it “principled populism”: an authentic conservatism focused on solving the problems that face working Americans in a fracturing society and globalizing economy.”

We The People should be the main concern of any president and not just the interest groups. When it comes to the workers, trade, immigration, National security it must all come down as to how it effects We The People and our prosperity. All of this must be in liaison with our Constitution. President- elect Trump has shown and it’s very obvious that he loves America and it’s people. He will use any unorthodox means of making things work even if it might make some groups uncomfortable such as socialists. If Trumps pundits want to call it populism well so be it.