President Trump Hit A Home Run In His Address To The Congress: The Democrats Did Not Know If They Should Sit, Stand Or Just Cry

The Democrat’s political women in attendance came in wearing white. I guess white must be their favorite color because there was another time they loved white and that was when the Democratic Party was in favor of the KKK with their white sheets the racist party that they have always been.

President Trump mentioned topics that should have been accepted by all such as Black History Month, fighting anti-Anti-Semitism, covering preexisting conditions in the replacement for Obama Care, concern for survivors of rare diseases, accessible child care, and his list went on where there should have been an excuse for the Democrats to stand and applaud with the same enthusiasm as the Republicans. But they are in complete denial as to why did Trump won the election in the first place and that is because the Democratic Party have left the concerns of the American people and in its place have put globalization and it will be the demise of the Democratic Party.

The following was posted by Eric Erickson, published by The Resurgent: “What does exist is the party of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Keith Ellison. During the two minutes standing ovation tonight for Ryan Owens’ widow and Owens’ memory, neither stood. Though neither may be the leader o the Democratic Party right now, they are far more representative of the party base than most might realize. The Democrats continue to drift further and further left — caring more about putting men in our daughters’ bathrooms than putting Americans back to work.”

“The Democrats on Capitol Hill could not bring themselves to applaud the idea of putting America first, keeping Americans safe from crime, or even rebuilding the military. They remain in denial about the effects of Obamacare. They demand an escalation in the culture war and a further march left. In that march, they leave behind the part of Steve Beshear and so many others. They leave behind the Democrats who voted for Barack Obama, but decided they had to vote for Trump to get jobs back.”

The American people have gotten sick of the left-wing nuts who have taken over the Democratic Party. The people understand of two parties disagreeing on issues but not to change the make-up of the United States of America. There were only three Democrats who have been labeled as moderates who were standing up and applauding at Trumps address whenever he said things for the betterment of America. There is no such thing any longer of the moderate or conservative wing of the Democratic Party, they have been driven out. I have a relative who told me that when she came from Greece she joined the Democratic Party because she knew the Democrats were for the little people. Well dear, they are no longer for the little person, President Trump now has that role. I have said it before if you take notice the Democrats idolized and would bring up President John Kennedy from time to time. I ask you folks reading this post when was the last time you heard John Kennedy mentioned by this socialist Democratic Party?

The Democratic Party is self destructing right before our eyes and We The People must throw them over the cliff. I am not saying to have a one party system, that would be a dictatorship. I would put it this way, its been said that nobody can help an alcoholic, they will not seek help until they hit rock bottom. The same holds true with the Democratic Party, they will not understand their demise until they hit rock bottom and I am convinced this will happen in the 2018 Congressional elections if Trumps programs start turning the economy around and if that happens the Democratic Party will be forced to get rid of the leadership they have today and go with what We The People are demanding from our politicians. In the meantime we will bring our country back with or without them. President Trump is not just set in right wing ideology, his ideology will be whatever is good for the United States of America within the framework of our Constitution. This is leadership, this is American, this is for We The People.


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