The Liberals(Socialists) Are In Panic Mode: It’s Now Proven That There Was Surveillance Done On President Trump And His Transition Team Pointing Ever So Closer To Obama

Lets talk about what this is all about. They are trying to be careful by not mentioning Obama’s name that he ordered the surveillance on the Trump transition team and Trump himself for the moment but eventually I am sure that Marxist Obama will be implemented. So lets get to the heart of what came out. If a warrant goes out to wiretap surveillance an Ambassador from Saudi Arabia for instance and that Ambassador is talking to me the intelligence agency is not suppose to unmask me, they are to keep my name protected. It could have been something as innocent as just a greeting call to begin with. Well what they did was unmask the Trump transition team with a very good chance with Trump himself and that’s why Trump was so confident to say that he was spied on and my understanding is that there are about twenty people who have been unmasked and there are just a few amount of Obama and his cronies that are allowed to give the order to do so.

The following was posted by The Horn News: “The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, California Rep. Devin Nunes, confirmed on Wednesday President Donald Trump’s claims that his presidential transition team was spied on by former President Barack Obama’s administration.”

“The information they gathered was then widely spread throughout the Obama administration, Nunes said.”

“If evidence is found that Obama had it done intentionally to assist failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign, which many critics suspect, this could be huge.”

“In fact, it could lead to Obama being arrested.”

There were many Democrats complaining today and expressing anger for Rep. Devin Nunes for even breaking the story. Can you imagine that, well that’s because they are the morons that they are. Instead of talking about the substance of the story they are wanting to hide it and for what reason because Obama is involved knee deep in crap. Nunes did not get the information from any of our intelligence agencies but from one or two whistle blowers.My understanding also is the fact that the NSA and the CIA is cooperating with the House Intelligence Committee but so far not the FBI. What does that tell you but the fact that the FBI Director is a lying weasel.

None of Obama’s cronies would have given that order without his permission. Rep. Nunes made mention the fact that he is very disturbed with what he saw and you know he didn’t spill everything. Yes my patriots, there are inroads being made to put away Obama where he belongs and that is in prison.


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