You Know That Old Saying “The Truth Hurts!” Democrats Are Finally Admitting As To Why Hillary Lost

It was inevitable that the Democratic party would start a self-analysis as to why Hillary Clinton lost the presidency to President Donald Trump. It’s about time they are coming to grips on this because staying in denial would only be instrumental for the Republicans staying on the winning road which is all very fine by me. In a sense the Democrats have not searched hard enough with the people they keep on top of their party. You would think that Karl Marx was still alive and leading the parade and they might as well be considering the Democrats have hard core socialists leading their pack and if they continue to do so they will just disintegrate as a party because that is what the American people are sick of, We The People have been putting out the message loud and clear that we want our values as a nation to come back and that is not going to happen with a bunch of loony socialists running around asking Americans for their vote when we know if you take their guise off all they are are a bunch of hard core socialists.

The following was published by The Horn news: “Clinton’s loss was surprising, even for her political opponents. After all, it’s no secret that the mainstream media was gleefully supporting her and pollsters predicted her election as inevitable.”

“She had over a billion dollars in donations from her Wall Street backers, the outspoken support of foreign governments, and the backing of Islamic oil oligarchs.”

“Former President Barack Obama did everything he could to keep her crimes from being impartially investigated.”

“Despite this incredible advantage, Clinton lost big time… and the reason why has left Democrats scrambling to fix their broken political party.”

“That’s right. It wasn’t sexism that cost Hillary. It wasn’t racism or white nationalism or Russian spies or any of the other wild conspiracy theories that the mainstream media have tried to blame.”

“The answer was simple: Even Democrats are sick and tired of liberals.”

“According to a study by Global Strategy Group, a Democrat-funded firm, Hillary lost simply because former Obama voters turned against her and supported Trump in huge numbers.”

All the empty promises liberals have been throwing to the voters for years now have been getting very noticeable. It’s the good old bread and butter issues that the American people have concluded just in time I must say that liberals(socialists) were not delivering and the reason they were not is that you cant rob from Peter to pay Paul and expect growth. I am just one writer out of millions around the country explaining the deficiencies of socialism and when the American people start seeing all these empty promises they start realizing they will remain empty because the liberals never talk about the productive side of the economy, all they talk about is the taking side and you cant take if there is no production and that is the basis of the whole story. The American people want jobs for themselves and for their families and thank the Lord somewhere along the line they realized that would never come from the Democratic Party.

My patriots this is what its all about. It’s all economics. If President Trump repeals Obama Care and replaces it with a healthcare system that actually works and turns the economy around by the time of the next Congressional elections the Democratic Party if they want to stay on as a major party will have to become more realistic to the needs of the American people and get off the ideology kick that they have been on for years. If the Democrats do not come to grips that ideology does not put the bread on the table they will be finished as a party. We The People do not want a one party system because that is dictatorship but on the other hand we sure as hell don’t need a socialistic movement that the end result will be dictatorship either. The demise of the Democratic Party is in order and what party takes their place will be another chapter in American history.


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