I Am Sorry To Say It Use To Be Maybe: That Has Changed To When Is Our Republic Going To Have The Economic Crash

My patriots, what the hell are we to do! The only people who feel that an economic crash to our Republic is not imminent are the people who have the attitude of what is the government going to do for them and that is half the country. The socialist Democratic Party has been pushing this narrative on the American people now for the vote, the hell with the economy I would say since the late 60’s and it has caught on mainly being used to influence the vast wave of immigrants that have been flowing into our country, far cry from any of our ancestors who came to America because of their developed love for our country and their chance to place their abilities in action whereas todays Democrats the only abilities they put into action is for themselves by using everybody else’s abilities for self interests.

This $1.3 trillion budget that the Republican Congress allowed to get through them with the final signature of President Trump is a disgrace. For the life of me what makes these clowns think that our Republic can afford this today never mind of more budgets to come after this one runs out in September. If the Congress does not put an end to these kinds of budgets the economic crash will be upon us, we will not have a say in the matter and this crash will make the depression of the 1930’s look like an inflation. This is criminal to be putting out these kinds of budgets for the next generations to have to pay and you notice I did not say generation, it’s plural.

The following was posted by Steve Hilton, published by Fox news: “You may not agree with – in fact you may violently disagree with – President Trump’s pledge to “Build the Wall.” But can there be any voter in America who was unaware of that promise by the time of the 2016 election? Of course not. So it is simply staggering to see the sheer scale of our elected representatives’ arrogance in refusing to do what the American people voted for.”

“It’s not just that the spending bill fails to fund the construction of a border wall along the lines the president has proposed. Almost unbelievably, it literally prohibits building a concrete wall or other prototypes. Not so much “Build the Wall” as “Ban the Wall.”

“And look at what Congress did to President Trump’s promise to increase border security by hiring additional border officers.”

“The president signed an executive order soon after he took office calling for 10,000 more U.S. Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE) officers to protect America’s borders. He then scaled that back in his own budget submission to just an extra 2,000 officers. Guess how many are included in the budget Congress approved? The number of additional officers is capped at a mere 65.”

“Democrats may think they scored a big political win by blocking so many of the president’s signature promises. But all they are doing is stoking the populist anger and resentment that they claim to despise.”

“Both Democrats and Republicans claim to take seriously our nation’s growing fiscal crisis. But instead of dealing with it, they’ve added to it. There was no apparent effort made to rein in all sorts of wasteful spending.”

“There is only one long-term solution: the populist revolution with its demand for people power and decentralization must target Congress next. We need to elect Positive Populists who will go to Washington and give their power back to the people.”

The Democratic and Republican party have taken We The People for granted. The Republican Party had the Democrats on the ropes and all they needed was the knock-out punch, instead it just looks like they joined forces with the socialists and pushed for more spending in the new budget a good example being Planned Parenthood, the organization that kills baby’s in the guise that they help women’s health such as giving mammograms which is a farce. There are women’s clinics all across America that provides for women’s preventive health care without needing the slaughter house of Planned Parenthood, so what did the Republicans do after years of promising they would defund it, they gave it financing in the new budget.

Steve Hilton above is correct when he states we need a populist revolution and the Congress must be targeted but the problem is that it will take too long. I believe our Republic has run out or is running out of time, the economic crash is inevitable, the budget that the Congress continues to put forward eats away at whatever taxes the American worker sends to the U.S. Treasury. Only one good thing will come out of this major economic crash that is looming in the distance and that is the freeloaders and socialists will be the first ones hit as far as narrative and the reason for that will be the distribution of wealth would have stopped because there would be no wealth to be had.


9 comments on “I Am Sorry To Say It Use To Be Maybe: That Has Changed To When Is Our Republic Going To Have The Economic Crash

  1. Brittius says:

    Once they get into congress, it’s like they become a member of organized crime.

    John: I will be linking, as WordPress turned off my ReBlog, Press, Like, buttons.

  2. Brittius says:

    WP has said that I follow too many blogs and reblog. There has been nothing resolved since the matter started and WP is considering terminating both of my blogs, for being too conservative. I raised the first amendment issue and then WP stopped responding and has gone mute.

    • johnapappas says:

      I never in my imagination even thought that WP would have that kind of attitude. When I joined WP maybe around six years ago my daughter suggested to me they were conservative at that time.

      • Brittius says:

        I came over from Blogger, which was not as good. WP was nice. Their “improvements”, since 2012, are a mess, here. WP’s attitude has always been liberal and left leaning, but it doesn’t bother me. Remember, I was a cop, and had to deal with all people, fairly. WP progressively, stepped more and more to the left. This blog, was suspended in 2016 during the campaign, and I started the second blog because I was locked out of here. I had paid $99.00 and only received two months service. Then the suspension. WP contacted me when it was time to renew. I refused and they said the blog was suspended “by error”, with a half-laugh. I refused. The blog .com name was grabbed up by someone who wanted to charge me $39.95 per month and upwards because I had about 500 readers then. Now, I have 888, on this blog and 245, on the other blog. When my blogs were attacked and destroyed, this is the sixth edition, I had someone who is a computer tech with USAF go over everything and he said, it appeared to him like WP, destroyed my blog editions. I don’t doubt it. Now, since the most recent issues, the grapevine says that my blogs might be wiped out permanently by WP for my conservative/pro-gun/pro-Trump stance. I do not blog one article a day, I blog at times, into the 100 posts or more per day, and that is bothering somebody over at WP. If the blog is terminated by WP, I will stop blogging. I do not make any money for doing it. I looked around but could not find anything except weird stuff on the dark web, so I doubt if I would blog there.

        • johnapappas says:

          That is so wrong that we conservatives always have to have this crap in the back of our minds. Speaking of that there is a website out there labeled ” mind” they have approached me and they are fairly new, I dont know too much about them as of yet.

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