The Liberal’s Have Used The Courts To Overturn The Will Of The American People And Thats Why They Are Petrified Of Another Conservative On The Supreme Court

A big reason the American people went to the polls for Donald Trump in 2016 was that he came out with a list of 25 potential conservative names that he would appoint as future Supreme Court Justices. We the people had figured out through the years that the Democrats were using our court system to take away our freedoms and instill socialism and identity politics. This is why the Democrats are going ballistic of destroying Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation it’s all about delaying the process for the mid-terms to take place considering the Democrats have a chance to take over the Congress in their minds and prevent losing a seat in the Supreme Court as we have heard many times lately that it would effect the Supreme Court for generations to come and the Democrat Party is losing it’s mind over this single possibility.

I wrote a post a few years ago that in order to bring back our country to the way our Forefathers intended was to continue to vote for Republican Presidents so as that President would appoint God fearing federal judges throughout our courthouses across America and start ridding ourselves of these liberal federal judges that had been appointed by liberal presidents. Beginning in the 1960’s, liberals have won from the Supreme Court such victories as, to name but a few, birth control, abortion and same-sex marriage. These are victories that the liberal’s could never have won from the will of the people, in other words they were jammed down our throats and the Democratic party that has now turned completely socialist its the court system that they will use to push their identity politics against the will of the American people, also such as wanting to take away freedom of speech; such as wanting to take away our guns; such as weakening our Constitution to such as an extent that it would become meaningless. This is the goals of the socialist Democratic Party today.

My patriots this is what it’s all about. The Republican Party better not screw this up. The Republican Party did all it could to accommodate Judge Kavanaugh’s sexual accuser of something that happened 36 years ago. Anything more will just become laughable. There is a joke on the internet where his accuser said that she doesn’t remember what year the sexual attack happened but she remembers she was 15 years old. Well put the joke aside if the Republican committee continues to attempt to accommodate this accuser the joke will be on the Republican Party come November because the bulk of the Republican voters will not stand for another screw up by the party such as we saw with Obama Care not being repealed. Yes, elections have consequences as Marxist Obama use to say with such sarcasm and one of the main reasons we patriots voted for Donald Trump was to appoint conservative judges to the high court. President Trump is fulfilling his promise by selecting a qualified judge in Brett Kavanaugh and the Republican Party have better not screw this up, because considering elections have consequences we want to see another conservative judge on the high court. So all I can say to the Republican Senate is that We The People are watching you like a hawk, don’t you dare blow it!


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