California Undoubtedly Has No Plan In Place To Manage It’s Forests And Raging Fires Will Continue In The Future

It is so catastrophic as to what is going on in California where people are being burned out and a whole town destroyed in the wake of a fire gone wild and now my understanding that the number of killed has reached over 60. I remember when I was a boy growing up in New Jersey before my parents moved into a bigger city, neighbors would burn accumulation of brush which is common sense because left laying around one is creating an inferno ready to activate into a raging fire such as we have been seeing in California for the last number of years because the environmentalists have been allowed to take over. Arguments that they have used for instance is that you cant leave it up to the individuals because they might lose control of the fire except they forget to reason out the fact that it is these individuals who had been doing it for years and have learned from experience when to commence such a project and one thing is for sure when they do it they wouldn’t have tons of brush laying around. Of course everybody doesn’t own property in the forests but this is where California should be managing it’s forests.

The following was posted by Katherine Dwyer, published by The Hill: “At what should have been the close of an already devastating wildfire season, California residents brace themselves as three more large fires rage on. The 2017 season made history. Sadly, however, 2018 is on track to be California’s worst, with at least 23 fatalities at this writing and over 190,000 acres burned. This season has brought fires that burn hotter, move faster, and claim more lives and property than in past decades. Californians have been left to wonder, “Is this the new normal?”

“As we choke on smoke and watch our beautiful state burn, we look for an answer. How can this level of destruction be prevented in the future? The governor and news media are quick to answer, citing a combination of climate change and weather as the culprit.”

” From the Ventana Wilderness in Big Sur to Warner Valley on Mt. Lassen, trails are overgrown and bordered by rotting trunks and dry limbs. When trees fall, instead of the dead wood being cleared, it’s left to decompose along paths and roadways. Underbrush is left untouched as well, with forest floors blanketed in dry kindling. This hands-off approach creates a literal tinderbox, leaving our forests incredibly vulnerable.”

“One practical solution, which would likely cost less than $100 billion, would be to clear the deadwood and dry brush. Additionally, greater firebreaks should be made along roads and highways, limiting a fire’s ability to spread. If these solutions sound simple, that’s because they are. Despite a stated policy of “chang[ing] the environment by removing or reducing the heat source,” CAL Fire continues to allow our forests to develop dangerous amounts of dry material, that is, fuel.”

The above mentioned remedies by reporter Katherine Dwyer is all common sense, but you see liberals (socialists) don’t have common sense. It’s all about saving the environment which is all well and good but how about saving people. They are so worried about the environment what the hell do they think is happening when one of these fires is running out of control! It sure as hell not helping the environment by no means. California for a number of years have had run away fires blasting through it’s forests and this has been self inflicted by people who have not implemented a plan to use the term “forest Management” as though they don’t know with all the tons of dry debris laying around to activate itself with whatever different reason. This is what happens when politicians lose their common sense and give in to interest groups and in the meantime there are Californians having to start their lives all over again with the lost of love ones and their homes. This should never have been allowed to happen in America and as long as liberals (socialists) are running peoples lives in various states such as California I am sorry to say things will not improve because after all as it must be reminded to all, liberalism is a mental disorder!


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