Well Get A Load Of This! Migrants Who Are Arriving In Tijuana Mexico Are Being Shouted Down By Mexicans “To Go Back Home”!

Are the radical left Democratic Party listening! The migration that started from Honduras and has reached Tijuana Mexico are being shouted at to turn around and go back home. The Mexican people have their own borders that they want protected and they sure as hell don’t want an influx of people being thrown into the Mexican economy. Isn’t it funny that reality has set in with the Mexican people that the United States will not accept these migrants as it stands right now but of course you always hear conflicting reports, such as now the latest I head is that they will eventually be allowed in the United States but they will not be released until all the processing is over, there will be none of this release them with a deadline date to appear before a judge and then they never show up and then you wonder what city they were bused too by the radical left Democrats, s**t some of them might already be among us in our supermarkets and our children’s schools. How’s that for a thought!

The following was posted by Jeff Dunetz, published by The Lid: “As the mainstream media continues to look down upon Americans who are concerned about the migrant caravan, most of the mainstream media is ignoring the reception the migrants are getting as they approach Mexico’s northern border. A group of “migrant caravan” illegals who made it to the Mexican border town of Tijuana were shocked when Mexican citizens gathered to throw rocks at them and scream that the illegals should turn around and go back to Central America.”

“Get out of here. We want you to return to your country. You are not welcome,” a group of Tijuana citizens was heard yelling at a group of Hondurans.”

“Migrants shouted back and dozens of police officers had to intervene to keep peace in a city known for welcoming both American tourists and thousands of immigrants every year.”

“A caravan of thousands of mostly Honduran migrants who are fleeing violence and poverty at home set off for the United States in mid-October, with the bulk of them still to arrive at the border. Other large bands of mostly Salvadorans have followed.”

“Naturally, the migrants are wild-eyed with surprise that anyone would call them a criminal.”

When it comes to our immigration policy the United States is the laughing stock of the world. Every country under the sun takes the protecting of it’s borders very serious, so serious in fact that that they have rigid penalty’s for anyone attempting to cross their borders. But here in the United States you have liberal (socialist) politicians and liberal appointed judges who want to keep the borders open and as we have discussed many times who the hell knows what states and cities they have been distributed to. As time goes on more Americans are realizing this is done for the vote and as you can see just from this last mid-term election how much influence it has had on our election process. These people have no conception of our culture and our Constitution because all they are interested in is our welfare state. The Democratic Party is willing to give up the make-up of our country that our Forefathers gave us for their own power because these people who are arriving here illegally will be loyal to the party that protected them to break the immigration laws to get here and that’s why it must be stopped now by whatever means possible and thankfully President Trump has the will and is strong enough to take the pressure to do so whereas I don’t see anyone else who could have done so. President Trump must continue to get our support if we are to save our Republic and believe me the people who say it will never happen they better open their eyes because it is happening right now!


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