A Border Wall Compromise Just Might Be At Hand But It Must Be Good Enough For United States Security

Is it possible that a border wall compromise just might be at hand? I believe it is and naturally the question will be how much is President Trump finally going to get as the final money amount towards the wall. Now I am sure when Trump started pushing building a wall as a candidate he did not mean over two thousand miles of wall and I am sure even he didn’t know where exactly the finished product would be going. As pictures of existing wall are shown to Trump and areas where it is needed and not needed because of nature itself he now understands the fact that a certain kind of wall that he might have thought early on is not necessary and this is where Ann Coulter goes crazy with accusing Trump of going back on his promise.

The following was posted by Jason Hopkins, published by The Daily Caller: ” Lawmakers involved in border negotiations expressed optimism that a deal could be reached by the end of the weekend, but questions remain whether President Donald Trump would accept less funding for wall construction.”

“Following the longest partial government shutdown in U.S. history, which lasted a total of 35 days, a special bipartisan committee of 14 lawmakers from both the House and the Senate was formed to reach a deal on border security. Democratic and Republican congressmen on the select committee have been forced to negotiate under a tight deadline, needing to reach a deal or else face another shutdown.”

“Democratic negotiators proved stubborn as deliberations first began. Their initial offer on the first day of negotiations included a grand total of zero dollars for a physical barrier. Democrats have since relented into offering more than $1 billion.”

“However, a final deal is poised to offer far less funding for wall construction than what the White House had originally demanded. In order to avoid another shutdown, the administration may be forced to accept a fraction of the $5.7 billion Trump wants in order to build a 234-mile long steel barrier along the U.S-Mexico border.”

“While neither the administration nor Republican lawmakers are interested in entering another government shutdown, the White House fired a warning shot on Friday.”

“We’re on the verge of a government shutdown again because Democrats won’t come to the table to have a conversation about securing the country,” White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley said on Friday to reporters.”

This is what our politics have come to. Lets face it these radical left losers don’t want border security, they want these people in our country for the vote and I will say it until I’m blue because it’s true. There attitude is screw the foundation of the United States and let these people in who can care less about our culture and Constitution. My parents came to America for its culture and Constitution because they were not expecting hand-outs like these leeches are. This is not love of country, this is love for ones self and how about the entry of terrorists, drug dealers, sex trafficking, gangs and the list goes on and yet these radical left nuts overlook all this to change the demographics of our country no matter what the cost to our republic for the vote. This is criminal in itself considering they are allowing all kinds of groups to enter our homeland with nothing to offer but how much to take from you and me the American taxpayer.

As I mentioned above Trump did not know how much security was already there in relation to wall, or how much border security needed fixing. It has been proven that the wall at San Diego, Calif and El Paso Texas has done wonders to cut down crime. What’s important is to get to the right finished product to secure the security of the United of America and I am positive President Trump being a business person all his life and not a politician will not accept anything less.


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