The Deep State Bombshells Continue To Blast Away/ Rep. Gohmert Stressed Rosenstein Offered To Wear Wire On Two Different Occasions!

Well, well, look at what we have here, the deep state is throwing each other under the bus. I still get a kick when some Democrats out there still stress the fact that some of the deep state are actually Republicans. well you think! I have mentioned at times it doesn’t matter to the deep state if its about taking down President Trump it being Republican or Democrat; it doesn’t matter to the deep state if its about accepting the New World Order; it doesn’t matter to the deep state if its about spreading socialism; it doesn’t matter to the deep state if it means destroying our Constitution; what matters to the deep state is that President Trump stands in the way of what I mentioned.

The following was posted by Jeff Dunetz, published by The Lid: “Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein says he was being sarcastic when he said he would wear a wire to prove that President Trump deserved to be removed from office. But if he was joking why did he offer to wear a wire a second time?”

“That was the bombshell, Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) revealed during a TV interview with KETK-TV “What McCabe knows, and I don’t know if he says it on ’60 Minutes’, but there was a second meeting. Rosenstein was getting beat up because they were saying you guys helped fire Comey our buddy Comey and you’re not serious about taking out Trump. And he said..that’s in the first meeting, and he said, “Yeah, I’ll even wear a wire if you want to” I’ll help you take him out.’ And to, to ensure that people knew how serious he was, at a separate meeting with McCabe, there was at least one other witness , Rosenstein brought it up again, a second time, and said “look, I was really serious, I will wear a wire to try to take down the President.” And McCabe heard that and he went and immediately briefed his deputies about what Rosenstein had just said a second time that he is still insisting he’ll still wear a wire to take down the President.”

It’s coming to a head where various people in the deep state are starting to rat on each other such as McCabe is declaring that Comey doesn’t have his facts straight and on the other hand Comey is stressing the same about Rosenstein. The panic is in and we shall see considering McCabe and Comey have already been fired but that leaves Rosenstein still standing and the observation by Rep. Gohmert is why should Rosenstein still be standing when in fact he’s the one that was recommending that he would wire Trump to begin with and this is what might have set McCabe off.

This is all a big mess leading to the phony dossier that was funded By Hillary Clinton and her campaign to make it through the FISA court to spy on then candidate Trumps campaign staff and renewed a total of four times to take down President Trump. So now let them all throw each other under the bus and as I stressed in my last post hopefully the new Attorney General has a plan to go after the deep state now that former Attorney Jeff Sessions is out of the way of which some day he will have to answer for a hands off policy. The rats are running wild which is very encouraging to see, We The People and Lady Justice just might have our day yet.


One comment on “The Deep State Bombshells Continue To Blast Away/ Rep. Gohmert Stressed Rosenstein Offered To Wear Wire On Two Different Occasions!

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