No Deal Between The United States And North Korea But Negotiations Will Continue

I was watching the press conference that President Trump gave without Chairman Kim Jong Un which in fact was expected to be a signing ceremony which just didn’t happen. Kim Jong wanted all sanctions lifted for the denuclearization to happen but he did not realize that U.S. intelligence had uncovered more nuclear facilities and missile sites than the one that Kim was offering and for the U.S. to lift all sanctions knowing what North Korea was hiding was not going to work. It was noticed that Kim looked surprised that the U.S. was aware of this.

Trump said that the papers were ready for both of them to sign and hold the press conference together and Kim was not involved. President Trump said that no deal is better than a bad deal than people here at home would be complaining as to what kind of bad deal that was. The President said that he just had to walk away from the deal.

The President stressed that the breakup of the deal did not create any hostilities between himself and Kim but Kim took so many things off the table to be demanding the lifting of all sanctions. North Korea must understand that they cannot hide the fact that they cannot commit just one nuclear facility when in fact as I mentioned above the President showed Kim that the U.S, was aware of other nuclear facilities.

Sometimes I wonder if North Korea would actually give up it’s total nuclear program considering all the years and effort it took them to build it. One concern that has been stressed that Kim might have is what if he gives up his missile program and then there is some kind of regime change provoked by the United States which he saw it happen in Libya with Gaddafi. I believe that there is a trust factor here but for Kim to give up his nuclear program that is a big stretch unless the U’S. does what it usually does in a case lite this and that is help North Korea come out from the dark ages and if Kim wants that bad enough for his people thats how it would happen. I believe that this is President Trumps game plan and it just might work.


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