Another Big Promise Kept By President Trump: The President Is Slowly Transforming The U.S. Liberal (Socialist) Court Systems To The Constitution

Eat your hearts out socialists! Another court with one less socialist judge and this is a big one. One of the first promises then candidate Trump made to the American public besides his promise to attack the illegal immigration issue was to put in conservative judges whenever there was a new vacancy, in other words this just does not mean the U.S. Supreme court but any new judges at the federal level where it takes an appointment by the President and confirmation by the U.S. Senate. We all know that the court that has been the biggest obstacle to whatever Trump needs on any major issue has been the 9th Circuit court.

The following was posted by Alex Swoyer, published by The Washington Times: “Brushing aside Sen. Kamala D. Harris’ complaints, Senate Republicans on Tuesday approved a new judge for the federal appeals court with jurisdiction over California, further narrowing Democrats’ edge on the famously liberal court.”

“Daniel Bress was approved on a 53-45 vote, with Sens. Bernard Sanders of Vermont and Kirsten E. Gillibrand of New York not voting.”

If we are to save the republic we need more of God fearing judges that I have been writing about for years that we have been talking about and analyzing together. Naturally this has not been the case with Marxist Obama for the eight years of his Presidency appointing socialist judges throughout our nation and we can all see the consequences of his actions on the immigration issue alone just by the way these liberal(socialist) judges have been treating the illegal immigration issue where they think they can stop Trump on his tracks from his authority of being President that immigration is under Trumps jurisdiction. which forces the President to take it all the way to the Supreme Court which wastes so much time. Naturally this is what the socialists want, the more time that is wasted the more illegals are pushed into our communities.

Whatever the case may be appointing judges who follow the Constitution is so very instrumental in saving our republic by replacing judges who want to change the Constitution to represent the socialist agenda. This has been such a relief that we have a President that is strong enough to fulfill his promises and having the integrity to even want to. Thank you President Trump, a President of integrity that We The People have not had for awhile and is proving himself worthy of the Presidency with each passing day!


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