Emails Uncovered Thanks To Judicial Watch Show Of The Rosenstein-Mueller Secrecy On The Russian Probe

I remember watching then Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein standing next to newly appointed Attorney General William Barr as Barr was explaining to the American people and the press that after reading the full text of the special council Mueller report it was determined that there was no collusion between President Trump and Russia to up-set the Presidential election of 2016 and that is a far cry from what Hillary Clinton can say because it was she and the Democratic party who were doing exactly what Trump was being blamed for. We must never forget the socialist game plan is always blame the other side for what you are doing yourself. Well getting back to the story-line as I am watching Rosenstein being so agreeable with Barr that their was no collusion I am saying to myself why you scumbag SOB, sucking up to AG Barr when in fact Rosenstein was one of the key players behind trying to take down the President. There was something else I noticed at that presentation between the two men and that was the sweat on Rosenstein’s brow, now one would wonder what was he so nervous about! Some people can keep the sweat away when they are lying but its for sure hell Rosenstein is not one of them.

The following was posted by Rowan Scarborough, published by The Washington Times: “Then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was determined to keep his big secret about a pending special counsel right up to the day his top candidate, Robert Mueller, sat down with President Trump in the Oval Office.”

“The boss and his staff do not know about our discussions,” Mr. Rosenstein said in an email to Mr. Mueller on May 12, 2017.”

“Mr. Rosenstein’s “boss” was an apparent reference to Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who had stepped away from any role in the Russia probe. This meant that Mr. Trump didn’t know either.”

“The email was one of a thread of messages that the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch obtained from the Justice Department under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.”

“Whatever the purpose, John Dowd, Mr. Trump’s attorney during the ensuing 22-month probe, said Mr. Mueller had a duty not to meet with the president knowing he was likely to be investigating the Trump campaign.”

“The most dishonorable conduct I have ever witnessed,” Mr. Dowd told The Washington Times.”

“Noting Mr. Mueller’s military service, Mr. Dowd added: “Capt. Robert Mueller, USMC, sits in front of his commander-in-chief being interviewed for FBI director knowing he is going to investigate the president and never says a word.”

When I saw Rosenberg up there with AG Barr I thought to myself what a dirt bag and in the same light I was also wondering if AG Barr was just playing along with this little worm. Naturally we must not leave out former FBI Director James Comey who set the wheels in motion for a special council in Robert Mueller to begin with, his leaking of conversations he had with Trump to a Columbia university professor who in turn leaked it to the NY Times and Rosenstein picked up the baton to appoint Robert Mueller as special council which was all in the game-plan to take down President Trump.

Thanks to Judicial Watch and some good investigative reporting by Susan Carter and John Solomon all the pieces are slowly coming out. I understand its a slow process, too slow for many of us but that’s the only thing we have going for all us patriots, either a slow process to Lady Justice or the deep state gets away with it, I prefer a slow process anytime, and it surely drives the deep state crazy which surely makes my day and I’m sure it makes yours. We The People have come this far and we must take it to the rightful ending, prison time!


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