Doors Have Been Opened For Conservatives Who Have Been Mistreated By Social Media: Judge Approves Devine Nunes’s Lawsuit Against Twitter

Once again Rep. Devine Nunes (C) has put himself in the forefront for the conservative cause. I would say all of the American people except that social media mainly goes after conservatives because of being outside the liberal socialist loop which is what social media is, the liberal establishment and their hatred for conservatives, you know we conservatives who are for God, family and country who love the Constitution that our Founding fathers put their lives in risk to give to us.

The following was posted by Gateway Pundit. published by Tea Party Official News: “Rep. Devin Nunes: “Thankfully a judge now decided to agree with us that Twitter can be held accountable for its actions, for its negligence. So as many people know who have been on Twitter, especially if you’re a conservative, it’s quite often that things ‘randomly happen to you.’ You lose followers, some people can’t see what you post on Twitter, you get shadowbanned. In my case what was happening is they were allowing hundreds of accounts to slander and defame me on a daily basis. It was almost a minute-by-minute basis. Finally a judge said, “OK Twitter that’s it.” rejected all of their arguments. And now that case is going to move forward in Virginia. I think Americans understand that Twitter is a public company.”

“This is good news for the thousands of conservative voices who have been shadowbanned, silenced and censored by the social media giants.”

“Devin Nunes sued Twitter for $250 million in damages for censoring conservatives back in March.”

All of the msm and the social media have been taken over by the socialistic liberal point of view and they go out of their way to influence by whatever means to keep conservatives at bay and thats why there have been investigations of late by various committees in the Congress with the social giants. The last example that comes in my mind is where there was a plant put in goggle and what came out of it was that goggle will do a better job of making sure that President Trump does not get elected from an improved effort it did in 2016.

The only weapon we conservatives have is to stay together and vote for pure conservatives at the polls, people such as Devine Nunes as a perfect example that there are people around who will protect the Constitution and not be intimidated. There will be better days so long as we believe it!


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